Strategic Communication at Work: Contemporary Perspectives on Business and Professional Communication

Author(s): Jennifer H Waldeck, Patricia Kearney, Timothy G. Plax

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2017

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Strategic Communication at Work by Jennifer Waldeck, Patricia Kearney, and Tim Plax is designed to build students' communication competence in the dynamic business world. The turn-key comprehensive instructional package fuses seventeen chapters, work-based case studies, and sixteen modules to bring academic concepts to life for readers.

Strategic Communication at Work by Jennifer Waldeck, Patricia Kearney, and Tim Plax:

  • Is interactive!  The package includes sixteen On the Job Interactive Experiences that provide students an opportunity to experience additional current, research-based, practical, and useful information at their own pace. These self-directed online learning modules include self-assessments, self-study activities, and business case studies.
  • Is updated! The package includes links to credible and recent business publications, blogs, videos, and news articles about best business communication practices. 
  • Is unique! A new chapter introduces students to the usefulness of a number of organizational theories for making strategic communication choices at work. Practical and accessible, you will never think of theory the same way!
  • Is practical! Internship:  Put Your Skills to Work vignettes allow students to visualize realistic workplace scenarios and respond by strategically designing effective communication plans and behaviors.
  • Provides feedback! Integrated quizzes and research measures allow students to assess their own communication skills—what they already do well and what areas they need to improve upon.

Chapter 1 Approaching Contemporary Workplace Communication Strategically: What Skills Do You Need, and What Obstacles Will You Face?
Chapter 2 Theorizing About Workplace Communication: How Does Scholarly Inquiry Contribute to an Effective Communication Environment?
Chapter 3 Using Verbal and Nonverbal Communication: How Can You Make Every Word and Gesture Influential at Work?
Chapter 4 Listening and Critical Thinking Skills for Strategic Workplace Communication: How Can You Become a Better Listener and Thinker at Work?
Chapter 5 Interviewing Strategically: How Do You Get the Job?
Chapter 6 Building and Sustaining Valuable Workplace Relationships: What Do You Need to Know to Get Along With the Right People?
Chapter 7 Using Communication Media and Technology at Work: How Can You Use New Media Strategically?
Chapter 8 Planning Workplace Presentations: How Can You Prepare To Tell an Effective Story?
Chapter 9 Giving Informative Presentations at Work: How Can You Help Others Grasp Important Ideas?
Chapter 10 Giving Persuasive Presentations at Work: How Can You Influence Others with Your Ideas?
Chapter 11 Using Sensory Aids to Engage Audiences: How Can You Interest Your Audiences and Help Them Learn?
Chapter 12 Planning and Facilitating Meetings that Matter: How Can You Make Meeting Time Count?
Chapter 13 Making Teams Work: How Can You Build Strong Teams?
Chapter 14 Writing Well at Work: How Can You Present Yourself Competently in Writing?
Chapter 15 Preparing to be a Strategic Communication Professional: What can and should you be doing now to prepare for your professional career as a strategic communicator?
Chapter 16 Becoming a Communication Consultant: What Skills Do You Need?
Chapter 17 Training Others to Communicate Well: How Can You Establish Yourself as a Trainer?

Jennifer H Waldeck

Jennifer Waldeck (Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara), has published or presented over 100 scholarly articles and research papers in top journals and at conferences. Her research interests are in instructional, organizational, and business communication. She is Associate Professor in the School of Communication at Chapman University in Orange, CA where she is Director of the Graduate Teaching Associate and Basic Communication Course programs. She teaches courses in organizational and business communication, persuasion, training and consulting, and the fundamentals of communication.

Patricia Kearney

Pat Kearney (Ed.D., West Virginia University) has done considerable research in communication apprehension, but she is best known for her research on teacher power, teacher behaviors, and college student resistance in the classroom. She has published over 100 research articles and several books. A Professor of Communication Studies at California State University, Long Beach, Pat teaches courses in business communication, public speaking, and interpersonal communication.

Timothy G. Plax

Tim Plax (Ph.D., University of Southern California) has done extensive research in persuasion and organizational communication, but he is best known for his programmatic research in instructional communication. He has published over 150 research articles, books, and technical reports. A Professor of Communication Studies and Director of the Hauth Center for Communication Skills at California State University, Long Beach, Tim teaches courses in persuasion, public speaking, and organizational communication.

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ISBN 9781524947590

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