Sustainable Living and Mindful Eating

Author(s): Lisa Schmidt, Maria Napoli

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2015

Pages: 233


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We all have an intimate connection with food and the environment.


Sustainable Living & Mindful Eating explores the interconnected nature between food choices, sustainability, and health and wellness. Examined are the array of forces that affect the foods human beings eat, and when, where, and how we eat them, including human labor, agriculture, environmental sustainability, politics, animal rights/welfare, public policy, culture, economics, business, trade, and psychology.


Sustainable Living & Mindful Eating addresses the impact of current policies and actions that might be taken to improve human nutrition and health and the macro-scale influences on food, nutrition, and eating behavior. Combining the bio/psycho/social aspects of nutrition to fully address healthful eating and sustainability, the book’s design is to support dietary improvements which reduces the environmental impacts of food choices through developing an understanding of how behaviors related to food and nutrition can facilitate health balance for individuals and for the environment.


Various interactive opportunities in the book allow for reflection on personal food histories and habits and exposure to whole foods and sustainable eating through the variety of topics covered.  The practices of Mindfulness and Mindful Eating are introduced as the cornerstones of a sustainable strategy to promote effortless weight management throughout the lifespan.

Chapter 1: Sustainable Living, Mindful Eating

Chapter 2: Food Energetic Systems

Chapter 3: The Brain and Food

Chapter 4: The Truth About Sugar

Chapter 5: The Truth About Fat, Sugar, and Salt: The War for Your Taste buds

Chapter 6: Food Marketing to Children: The Socialization of Food Preferences

Chapter 7: Sustainable Living, Food Production, and Animal Welfare

Chapter 8: Food and the Environment

Chapter 9: Mindful Eating—A Sustainable Practice for Lifelong Weight Maintenance

Chapter 10: Sustainable Living & Mindful Eating Through the Lifespan

Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt, MS, CN, CEBS, CYT is a Faculty Associate at the Arizona State University Integrative Health Initiatives Program where she teaches courses on mindfulness skills for stress management.  As a Certified Nutritionist, mindfulness consultant, mental health counselor and Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) in private practice, she supports whole person health throughout the lifespan teaching healthful eating and stress management using science based mind-body interventions.  Ms. Schmidt has incorporated the practice of mindfulness in corporate employee benefits design, and consults and speaks internationally with companies and as a conference presenter.  Ms. Schmidt is the owner of Mindful Benefits, which provides tools and practices that enhance the way we live and encourages non-judgment, kindness, curiosity & compassion leading to changing longstanding habits that impact our health.  She is a graduate of Bastyr University, with dual MS degrees in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology, and a Certified Employee Benefits Professional (CEBS).

Maria Napoli

Maria Napoli, PhD, is Emeritus Associate Professor at Arizona State University School of Social Work. She has incorporated the practice of mindfulness in her research, teaching, trainings and presentations at conferences nationally and internationally. Dr. Napoli has developed mindfulness programs for elementary school children, undergraduate and graduate students including a graduate certificate in integrative health.

The Mindfulness Model used in the curriculum is the simple four step Mindful MAC Guide created by Dr. Napoli. She has published in academic journals and books as well as audios reflecting her work in whole person health and mindfulness.

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ISBN 9781465289315

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