Teaching Diverse Populations: Inclusive Strategies for Learners Resource Guide

Author(s): Rose Skepple, Cassandra L. Sligh-Conway

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2021

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School districts, teacher preparation programs, and local education agencies are changing due to the demographics of American schools. These demographic trends are showing that students of color, students with disabilities, and English language learners are increasing. As this increase is taking place, the educators that remain the same are European White women. It is a challenge to provide the educators the information they need to teach diverse learners.

Teaching Diverse Populations: Inclusive Strategies for Learners Resource Guide is a valuable resource for pre-service and active teachers everywhere.

 It provides insight on how to create inclusive teaching strategies and how to be more equitable in everyday life. Along with teaching strategies, activities and assignments are provided that will accommodate any need a student may experience. Student growth is very important; because of this, this book collaborates with outside sources that include modifications, accommodations, instructional, and behavioral supports. It also leaves room for discussion and raises question to uncover one’s own biases.

Recently released in a customizable and turn-key online course package, Teaching Diverse Populations: Inclusive Strategies for Learners Resource Guide:

  • provides different hands-on activities that will get students to really think outside of the box.
  • emphasizes the importance of following directions while doing the activities.
  • requires group work and shows the value of operating in a group setting.
  • shares flash cards of key terms to have a grasp on main topics of each chapter.
  • pens up discussion by asking well, thought out questions.


Chapter 1:
Context, Context, Context: Understanding the Intersectional Self and Creating a Culturally Relevant Learning Community

Chapter 2:
Race: A Critical Factor in Building Relationships in Diverse Classrooms

Chapter 3:
Teachers, Do Your Homework! Get to Know Your ELL Students Before Planning Your Lessons

Chapter 4:
Supporting Success Across Curricula for Students with Visual Impairments

Chapter 5:
Teaching Learners with Autism

Chapter 6:
Cells That Never Die

Chapter 7:
Teaching All of Our Children: A Comparative Analysis of Inclusive Teaching Strategies in Korea in Relation to the United States

Chapter 8:
It Takes a Village: School Counselors and Teachers Collaborating on the College and Career Readiness of Black Males

Rose Skepple

Cassandra L. Sligh-Conway

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ISBN 9781792447303

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