Telemedicine: Care Beyond Touch

Author(s): Susan Goran

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2022

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Telemedicine: Care Beyond Touch prepares students to participate in the integration of telehealth/telemedicine in healthcare as a knowledgeable consumer, healthcare provider, or educator. This turn-key online course package provides a foundational curriculum that provides key telehealth concepts, the benefits, and challenges to the utilization of telehealth, the various environments in which telehealth or telemedicine provides a care advantage, the impact on the various healthcare roles, and the history and future of telehealth. It is designed to promote learning by using strategies to stimulate learning with written content, videos, reference tools, self-assessment, and Power Point presentations highlighting key chapter points. It integrates a conversational writing style to entice students to read and learn, but the provided links offer additional resources for further topic depth or details as desired.

Although this package introduces students to the technology being used in healthcare delivery, it is not all encompassing, nor will you complete the course familiar with all the vendor choices available today; that is beyond the scope of this course as the technology changes rapidly. However, it will equip students to evaluate how the use of the telehealth technology may influence the care you provide. It will also stimulate you to think clearly about the ethical and legal issues related to the use of technology and how to ensure the protection of patient privacy and confidentiality while expanding access to care. It is offering the reader a base level of knowledge; it will be up to him / her to build on this foundation with experience.

CHAPTER 1: What is Telehealth?

CHAPTER 2: History of Telehealth: Need as the Mother of Invention

CHAPTER 3: Challenges to Telehealth Growth

CHAPTER 4: Changing the Role of Healthcare Players

CHAPTER 5: Changing Care at the Bedside

CHAPTER 6: Remote Patient Monitoring: Empowering the Patient

CHAPTER 7: High-Risk Population Management: Maternal and Child Telehealth

CHAPTER 8: High-Risk Populations: Care of the Elderly

CHAPTER 9: Behavioral/Mental Health Challenges

CHAPTER 10: Specialty Care and Unique Settings

CHAPTER 11: Designing the Future of Telemedicine

Susan Goran

Originally a diploma graduate from NE Baptist Hospital School of Nursing in Boston, Susan Flewelling Goran, completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Southern Maine in Portland, Maine.  A critical care nurse for many years, Susan served 8 years as the Operations Director in the first eICU® /teleICU program in New England. Utilizing sophisticated technology, teleICUs provide a remote team of expert critical care nurses and physicians who collaborate with the ICU bedside team to leverage expertise and improve patient outcomes.  As part of her role, Susan published and lectured extensively on the role of the teleICU to enhance understanding and knowledge of it’s vital role in today’s critical care environment.  Currently, Susan serves as an adjunct faculty member in the School of Nursing and Population Health at the University of New England.

The growth and acceptance of telemedicine in the provision of care has exploded during the current pandemic.  It has underscored the need for immediate integration of telehealth education and competencies into all levels of academic preparation for healthcare professionals.  Susan wrote this foundational book to prepare all healthcare providers for practicing in a healthcare system enhanced by telehealth.

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ISBN 9781792489549

Details KHPContent 180 days