Theatre Beyond: A Cyber Journey through the World of Theatre

Author(s): Paul Castagno

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2015

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Theatre Beyond: A Cyber Journey through the World of Theatre is a learner-centered instrument that demands the student navigate the learning journey. It provides a complete theatrical experience by sharing the best of what’s online, with various video and audio formats to give students a more sense-based learning experience.

Theatre Beyond:

  • Is intended for face-to-face traditional classes, online teaching, or hybrid courses.
  • Contains 15 modules: Each with a workbook entry, a PowerPoint lecture, video materials, online links, assignments, and quizzes.



Module 1 Theatre Beyond: Orientation

Module 2 Theatre and Film

Module 3 Writing the Theatre or Movie Review

Module 4 Dramatic Structure and Genres

Module 5 Regional and Community Theatres

Module 6 Broadway and Off-Broadway

Module 7 Directors, Designers, and Dramaturgs

Module 8 Actors and Acting

Module 9 Backstage Pass: What Really Goes on Behind the Scenes

Module 10 Producers and Marketing

Module 11 Playwrights and Playwriting

Module 12 Historical Stages

Module 13 Multicultural Theatres

Module 14 Theatre and Self/Self as Audience

Module 15 Theatre in Education

Paul Castagno

Professor of Theatre

Paul Castagno Wins Major Award at Oslo International Theater Festival

This past Spring, Professor Castagno helmed and sound designed the successful departmental production of Hedda Gabler which StarNews described as “thoughtfully and precisely directed.” In June 2018, he conducted playwriting workshops and interviews at KHiO and was the winner of the Oslo International Acting Festival award. In April 2019, on our Mainstage theatre, he will direct  the North American Premiere of Darkness, a play collectively written by 5 Nordic playwrights as part of the EU Collective Play Project. In the last two years he has published in Theatre Journal, Korean Theatre Journal, Theatre Times, The International Journal of Arts and Humanities, and has articles forthcoming in Praxis, and a new anthology on contemporary playwriting published by Methuen. He is under contract now with Waveland Press for a new book, Playwriting Intensive. In June 2017, he was invited by Theatre Grob (Copenhagen) where he gave workshops and a master class at the Royal Danish Theatre. During this trip abroad, Dr. Castagno presented at Oxford University’s Theatre in Translation conference, presiding at a stage reading of Darkness, and in Hamburg at the Theatre Welt festival.

His widely cited book New Playwriting Strategies: Language and Media in the 21st Century published by Routledge, 2012, provided the basis for the EUCP grant, and its theories and techniques of polyvocality and hybrid plays are at the heart of the EUCP mission. He is currently involved as editor of EUCP anthology. He is a former Fulbright scholar the first from UNCW to win the UK award. 

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ISBN 9781465286918

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