Think Better, Write Better

Author(s): Robin Jenkins

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2021

Pages: 192


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Thinking rationally and writing clearly are two sides of the same coin, Both have tremendous value as career and life skills, in that those who do them well are more likely to be successful. Unfortunately, surveys of employers show that most people, even college graduates, are not particularly proficient at either. This book aims to address that deficit, exploring the link between thinking and writing and revealing, in accessible language, how to excel at both. The updated second edition includes new chapters on critical reading and audience analysis.


CHAPTER 1: Why I Wrote This Book—and Why You Should Read It

CHAPTER 2: What Critical Thinking Is (and What It Isn’t)

CHAPTER 3: How to Think Critically

CHAPTER 4: Some Practical Applications of Critical Thinking

CHAPTER 5: Critical Reading

CHAPTER 6: What It Means to Write Well—and Why You Should Care

CHAPTER 7: The Writing Process

CHAPTER 8: Six Common Grammatical Mistakes (That Even the Pros Make)

CHAPTER 9: Developing an Effective Writing Style

CHAPTER 10: Targeting an Audience

CHAPTER 11: Making (and Winning) Arguments

CHAPTER 12: Using Logic and Reason

CHAPTER 13: Writing with Sources

CHAPTER 14: Writing Effective Emails

Robin Jenkins

Rob Jenkins has been teaching college writing for over 35 years. He is also a professional writer and editor, a frequent contributor to a number of national publications, and the author of six books, including Think Better, Write Better and Welcome to My Classroom, both from Kendall Hunt. 

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ISBN 9781792479922

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