Thriving in College and Beyond: Research-Based Strategies for Academic Success and Personal Development

Author(s): Joseph B Cuseo, Aaron Thompson, Michele Campagna, Viki S Fecas

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2016


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4th Edition Now Available!

Thriving in College and Beyond: Research-Based Strategies for Academic Success and Personal Development delivers content through modalities that are both visual and emotional. Snapshot summary boxes, concept maps, humorous illustrations, authors’ experiences, content-relevant quotes from successful people in multiple fields, and first-hand perspectives of current college students appear throughout.

Distinctive Features Include:

  • It’s comprehensive – it covers the full range of topics and issues that affect student success. Thriving in College and Beyond treats the student as a whole person, addressing academic and personal development and encompasses the whole college experience, including success strategies that can be used in the first year of college and beyond. It’s written by a diverse team of authors who work in both the 2-year and 4-year college sectors. 
  • It’s substantive – it contains content that the readers can “sink their teeth into.” It educates students not only about what they should do to be successful, but also why they should do it. This edition of Thriving in College and Beyond contains updated research and scholarly references supporting the concepts and strategies presented. 
  • It’s engaging - readers become actively involved in the reading process by responding to reflection questions at three key points in time: before reading – questions at the start of each chapter that activate the reader’s thinking and prior knowledge about the chapter topic; while reading – periodic questions that encourage the reader to pause and reflect on what was just read; and after reading – end-of-chapter exercises that promote consolidation and application of knowledge acquired from the chapter. 

New to the 4th edition of Thriving in College and Beyond:

  • New electronic self-assessment instruments are integrated into the textbook that enable students to assess their personality traits, learning styles and career interests, and inform students how the results may be used to guide their educational and vocational decisions. 
  • New topics: Grit and growth mindset, Campus safety, and Identity theft. 
  • Updated end-of-chapter resources 
  • Additional end-of-chapter exercises 

Adopting instructors are provided comprehensive professional development materials including research-based guidelines for course design, delivery, and assessment. The extensive Instructor’s Manual includes:

  • Information on course planning, topic placement/sequencing, and syllabus design. 
  • Strategies for incentivizing and ensuring that students read the book. 
  • Specific learning objectives to guide student reading that align directly with test-bank questions. 
  • Step-by-step instructional directions for in-class exercises and out-of-class assignments that engage students in active, interactive, and collaborative learning. 

Detailed strategies for course and program evaluation, including course-embedded strategies for assessing student learning outcomes, pre/post assessment instrument designed to measure positive changes in student knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes, plus student and instructor course-evaluation surveys.

A concise version of this textbook is also available for 1- or 2-credit courses. Thriving in College & Beyond: Concise Version 


Full Table of Contents

Chapter 1            Touching All the Bases

Chapter 2            Liberal Arts & General Education

Chapter 3            Goal Setting and Motivation

Chapter 4            Time Management

Chapter 5            Deep Learning

Chapter 6            Test-Taking Skills & Strategies

Chapter 7            Three Key Academic Success and Lifelong Learning Skills

Chapter 8            Higher-Level Thinking

Chapter 9            Social & Emotional Intelligence

Chapter 10          Diversity

Chapter 11          Educational Planning & Academic Decision-Making

Chapter 12          Finding a Path to Your Future Profession

Chapter 13          Financial Literacy

Chapter 14          Health & Wellness


Joseph B Cuseo

Joe Cuseo holds a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology and Assessment from the University of Iowa and is Professor Emeritus of Psychology. For more than 25 years, he directed the first-year seminar—a core college success course required of all new students.
He’s a 14-time recipient of the “faculty member of the year award” on his home campus—a student-driven award based on effective teaching and academic advising; a recipient of the “Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate Award” from the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition; and a recipient of the “Diamond Honoree Award” from the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) for contributions made to student development and the Student Affairs profession.
+++__Currently, Joe serves as an educational advisor and consultant for AVID—a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the college access and college success of underserved student populations. He has delivered hundreds of campus workshops and conference presentations across North America, as well as Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

Aaron Thompson

Aaron Thompson, Ph.D., is executive vice president and chief academic officer at the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education and a professor of sociology in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Eastern Kentucky University. Thompson has a Ph.D. in sociology in the areas of organizational behavior and race and gender relations. Thompson has researched, taught, and/or consulted in the areas of assessment, diversity, leadership, ethics, research methodology and social statistics, multicultural families, race and ethnic relations, student success, first-year students, retention, and organizational design. He is nationally recognized in the areas of educational attainment, academic success, and cultural competence.

Dr. Thompson has worked in a variety of capacities within two-year and four-year institutions. He got his start in college teaching at a community college. His latest coauthored books are The Sociological Outlook; Infusing Diversity and Cultural Competence Into Teacher Education; Diversity and the College Experience; Thriving in College and Beyond: Research-Based Strategies for Academic Success and Personal Development​;Thriving in the Community College and Beyond: Research-Based Strategies for Academic Success and Personal Development; Humanity, Diversity, & the Liberal Arts: The Foundation of a College Education; Focus on Success; and Black Men and Divorce. He has more than 30 publications and numerous research and peer-reviewed presentations. Thompson has traveled throughout the United States and internationally, giving more than 800 workshops, seminars, and invited lectures in the areas of race and gender diversity, living an unbiased life, overcoming obstacles to gain success, creating a school environment for academic success, cultural competence, workplace interaction, organizational goal setting, building relationships, the first- year seminar, and a variety of other topics. He has been or is a consultant to educational institutions, corporations, nonprofit organizations, police departments, and other governmental agencies.

Michele Campagna

Michele Campagna, Ed.D., is the executive director of the Center for Advising and Student Transitions at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Dr. Campagna provides leadership for a comprehensive and holistic program designed to retain and engage first-year, freshman, sophomore, and transfer students. Dr. Campagna has over 20 years of experience teaching various types of first-year seminar courses and directing services for students in transition at both two-year and four-year institutions.

Dr. Campagna holds an Ed.D. in higher education and is a recipient of the “Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate Award” from the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition. She is the author of “New Student Experience: A Holistic and Collaborative Approach to First-Year Retention” in Exploring the Evidence: Campus-Wide Initiatives in the First College Year, published by the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition. Dr. Campagna has presented at many statewide and national conferences on designing and implementing student engagement and retention initiatives, strategic planning, assessment, and diversity.

Viki S Fecas

Viki Sox Fecas has a Ph.D. in educational administration from the University of South Carolina (USC). In her role as program manager for freshman and prefreshman programs, she coordinated the career component for all 150+ sections of the number one-ranked University 101 program in the country. She served as a career resource for international scholars visiting the National Resource Center (NRC).

Viki has served as an adjunct professor in the Higher Education and Student Affairs graduate program at USC. She was recognized as the Outstanding Freshman Advocate in 1996. She took University 101 as a freshman at USC, and has been teaching for over 20 years, including sections dedicated to transfer students. Her research interests center around the transition of college students, with a special interest in transfer students. She has written career chapters for the U101 Transitions book and Your College Experience. She has been a regular presenter at both the National First-Year Experience and Students in Transition Conferences sponsored by the NRC.

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