Time Management Survival Planning Guide for Schools and Colleges

Author(s): Elner Makia, Japhet Makia

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 248


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Time Management Survival Planning Guide for Schools and Colleges is a road map (or GPS) for students’ academic journey; therefore, it is designed to assist students to utilize their time wisely by helping them stay focused on classes, events, appointments, meetings, and career objectives. This planner will be used as a retention and an intervention tool for high school and college freshman students, especially in the freshman seminar classes. The manual’s primary purpose is to help students cope with the overwhelming responsibilities and demands of an educational setting by providing a tool for them to manage their time wisely. Hence, when students use this guidebook as designed, they will be able to attend their classes regularly and complete and submit their assignments on time.  The planner’s principal goal is to help students prioritize their academic and extracurricular activities.

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Elner Makia

Japhet Makia

At the beginning of the semester, I had a lot of time management issues. I was late for class, turned in my homework late, or didn’t study well for a test. Consequently, I was marked absent before I arrived, so I had poor grades. I trusted my brain to do all the work of remembering due dates of class work and homework, but I was definitely wrong. When my Comp. two professor introduced us to his Time Management Survival Planning Guide for Schools and Colleges, I was not sure it was going to be the solution to my problems, but I had to give it a try. I purchased mine a couple of weeks after school began. Every Sunday evening, I wrote down all the activities I had to do for that week, and then I took a picture of that particular page so that even if I forgot my planner at home, I would look it up in my phone and keep track of what I had to do. A few months later, I realized how much this planner had helped me. I was hardly late for class and also turned in my homework even before it was due. This affected my grades positively because I scheduled more time to study. My vocabulary also increased tremendously because I wrote down new words and their meanings in my Time Management Planning Guide. I am sincerely grateful to my professor for endowing me with such great time management skills.
Presious Nintai, Student

I love the Time Management Survival Planning Guide for Schools and Colleges! I find that writing down my schedule and assignments everyday keeps me on track and helps me remember to do my work in a timely manner. I really can’t imagine school life without this planner.
Alexis Ankney

Time Management Survival Planning Guide for Schools and Colleges was my savior this semester. It was easy to use; therefore, I was able to keep up with all of my assignments. This is the ultimate planning tool for students. I can’t say enough good things about this Guide. The layout of the book is big enough for students to include even personal appointments. Using this book gave me so much more free time to spare. It also provided me with peace of mind because I scheduled everything in one Planner, and it helped me learn a lot of new vocabulary. This is a great quick-reference tool all around. It has always been a challenge for me to manage time in a school setting, but this Planning Guide made it a cinch.
Sarah Glover

Last semester in Composition one, I used to stay up all night doing an assignment that was due the next day. I procrastinated until the last minute, and I became extremely stressed. But this semester, I didn’t stress out at all. The Time Management Survival Planning Guide for Schools and Colleges helped me organize my thoughts clearly. I never missed a deadline or forgot about a work meeting. Thank you, Professor, for making my semester a lot easier than it would have been without your Planner.
Yassamine Ghazzali

My professor provided me with tips and vessels for phenomenal organizational and study skills. His published planner, Time Management Survival Planning Guide for Schools and Colleges, helped me keep up with the numerous assignments I found piled high upon me. I was able to release my load one step at a time by following his planner.
Jennifer Barkhimer

Having used Professor Makia’s planner for two semesters, I can say without a doubt that it has improved my time management skills tremendously. Not only do I keep track of all pending assignments and tasks more efficiently now, but also the vocabulary section is filled with dozens of new terms that I have picked up throughout the year and will keep in my vocabulary arsenal of tools to help improve my current and future writing.
Kyle Kidd

I have never been able to spell for the death of me, but after being in your class and you making us write all different kinds of vocabulary words in our Time Management Survival Planning Guide for Schools and Colleges, I have gotten much better. Most of the words we went over in class were out of my league, but after you had assigned them, I would go to my dictionary on my phone and look up the different words and write them down multiple times so they stuck. After doing that, I had my sister test me, and that has done an amazing job. If I had never been forced to write vocabulary in my planner, I would have never pushed myself as hard as I did to try and work on my spelling.
Pa’den Conley

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ISBN 9781524951801

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