Topics in African Diaspora History

Author(s): Jim Harper, Charles Johnson, Tony Frazier, Jarvis Hargrove

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2016


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Topics in African Diaspora History is a diverse body of various themes in the study of the African Diaspora. These themes include African Nationalism, Resistance, Pan-Africanism, Spirituality, Black Power and Transnationalism and they cover a broad spectrum of the Diaspora experience that spans across the globe. For purposes of this text, we are defining the African Diaspora as the dispersal of people of African descent to a location around the world (involuntary or voluntary) where they developed diasporic identities in their new locations and their eventual return or connection to their homeland of Africa.

Topics in African Diaspora History:

  • provides perspectives of the stories of the economic, political, religious, and social impact of Africans and people of African descent around the world from an African-centered perspective.
  • strengthens the study of the African Diaspora through historical methodology, theory and research.
  • is a collection of essays that depict the stories of a people who transcended the physical, mental and emotional realities of very brutal environments in which they survived.


Part I: Sankofa: Remembering the Source But Moving Forward

1. The Importance of Studying the Scholarship of African History within

the Historical Context of the African Diaspora

Jarvis L. Hargrove

2. The Invisible Woman: A Historiography of African Diasporic Scholarship

TaKeia N. Anthony

3. Global White Supremacy, Skin Bleaching, and the Commodification of Whiteness

Yaba Blay

Part II: Forced Migrations in the Atlantic Basin and Indian Ocean Realm 49

4. The Acquisition and Use of Labor in Africa and the Start of the

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Jarvis L. Hargrove

5. The Atlantic Slave Trade: A Comparative Critique of the Literature Since Curtin

Charles D. Johnson

6. The African Diaspora in Europe: The Black Presence in England from the

Fifteenth to the Eighteenth

Tony Frazier

7. The Slave Trade and the African Diaspora in the Indian Ocean: The Case of

East Africa, Arabian Peninsular, and the Indian Subcontinent Slavery

Azaria Mbughuni

Part III: Fighting Back and Growing New Roots: Spirituality, Black Power,

and Cultural Adaptations

8. Combatting Slavery: The Three Hundred Years War in the Circum-Caribbean

Carleen Payne Jackson

9. Priestesses, Conjure Women, and Other Ritual Experts in Organized Resistance

to American Enslavement

Iyelli Ichile

10. Black Power in the African Diaspora

Quito Swan

11. The Language of Us

Msomi Moor

12. Blackness in the Spanish Caribbean

Pedro R. Rivera

Part IV: Transnationalism and the Ties that Bind

13. African American Exceptionalism and the Politics of Transnational Resistance:

Early Encounters Between African Americans and South Africans

Charles D. Johnson

14. Knowledge Becomes Power: Western Education and the Emergence of

Western-Educated Elite Resistance in Kenya, 1840–1950

Jim C. Harper, II

15. Education for Freedom: Black South Africans in the United States, 1870–1970

Charles D. Johnson

16. “The Ties That Bind”: African American Consciousness of Africa through

Culture and Sports

Neo Lekgotla Iaga Ramoupi

Part V: Migration and Resistance Movements: Twentieth Century

17. Caribbean Migration to Great Britain in the Twentieth Century

Tony Frazier

18. Employment Patterns among Black Immigrant Mothers: Implications for

Child Well-being

Nina Smith

19. Kenyan Nationalism and the Architects of the Kenyan Student Airlifts

Jim C. Harper II

20. Following Their Footsteps: Tracing Puerto Ricans’ Sociopolitical Activism

in New York City from an Afrocentric Perspective

Milagros Denis-Rosario

21. Protesting for South African Liberation in a Negotiated Space: The Cold War,

American Antiapartheid Activists, and the Vital Center, 1946–1954

Charles D. Johnson

Jim Harper

Charles Johnson

Tony Frazier

Jarvis Hargrove

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