Total Pay: Compensation and Benefits: Now and Into the Future

Author(s): Matthew DeLuca

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2020


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Total Pay: Compensation and Benefits - Now and Into the Future is an opportunity to explore the field of employee compensation—with its five components— from both practical, as well as academic, perspectives. This book treats an important HR area—sometimes considered dry and incomprehensible—in an accessible and engaging way.

In addition to addressing underlying factors that create the foundation for the design of any total pay program, individual chapters give in-depth attention to compensation links, including communication, performance management and motivation.

All readers, regardless of HR or college experience level, will find this comprehensive approach to the topic of total pay really helpful. It is a workplace opportunity to determine the mix that is best suited for what every organization hopes to accomplish, without over- or under- spending.

Although primarily intended as a college and university-level textbook, HR professionals looking for a one-stop source for answers to compensation and benefit questions should consider this source. Others, looking for a career change or transfer to HR, who are interested in exploring this field, will find it very valuable and approachable as well.


Chapter 1: The Case for Designing a Total Compensation Program 

Chapter 2: Major Components and Factors to Consider in Total Compensation

Chapter 3: How to Analyze Jobs to Determine Organizational Value and to Build a Pay Structure

Chapter 4: The Importance, Challenges, and Dynamics of Job Descriptions 

Chapter 5: Job Evaluations—Internal and External Job Comparisons

Chapter 6: Designing a Staff Budget Component—The Annual Staff Plan

Chapter 7: Auditing and Reviewing the Total Pay Program for Comprehensive Effectiveness

Chapter 8: The Value of an Effective Performance Management Process

Chapter 9: The Transformative Role of Incentives: Simple—and not so Simple—Links to Performance

Chapter 10: The Communication Link as a Key Component for Maximum Total Pay Organizational Impact

Chapter 11: Discretionary Benefits, Services, and Perquisites

Chapter 12: Legally-Required Benefits 

Chapter 13: Legal, Compliance, and Risk Issues. Ethical Essentials

Chapter 14: Total Pay in Union Organizations

Chapter 15: The Human Resources Professional and the Demands of Compensation and Total Pay,–Now and Into the Future

Appendix A: Total Pay Program Organizational Analysis Questionnaire

Appendix B: An Example of a Wage and Salary Administration Policy and Procedures Statement

Appendix C: A Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) 

Appendix D: A Human Resources Audit and Review Worksheet 

Appendix E: An Example of a Performance Management Process that Includes a Performance Appraisal Form and Action Timeline

Appendix F: How to Initiate Wage and Salary Surveys to Determine/Update Pay Policies

Appendix G: Salary Survey Questionnaire Example

Appendix H: Case Study: Stock Options


Matthew DeLuca

Matthew J. DeLuca is president of the Management Resource Group, Inc., a New York City-based consulting firm specializing in Human Resource activities for both major – as well as mid-sized – organizations in a variety of industries including entertainment, banking, and healthcare. Before this, he held Senior HR positions at Chemical Bank (now JP Morgan Chase), the Bank of Tokyo, the World Wrestling Federation (now the WWE), Lifetime Entertainment, and Montefiore Medical Center, among others. Matt also is an adjunct faculty member at Baruch College (the City University of New York) and frequently teaches at the University of Shanghai Science and Technology in China. He has also taught at other colleges and universities, including New York University (NYU) where he received a teaching excellence award. He is the published author of ten books on HR and career search topics, including the Handbook of Compensation Management, as well as a frequent speaker for a variety of national professional organizations. He has an MPA degree from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh, and holds Human Resource professional certifications with both the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Human Resource Certification Institute.

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