Transformational Life Coaching: The Textbook for Coach Training Values, Culture, Evidence Based, Skills, Leadership

Author(s): Carletta N. Artis

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2022

Pages: 120


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Transformational coaching is the process of partnering with someone to support them through a significant change that helps them grow, develop, and ultimately “rewrite their reality.” The underlying premise behind transformational coaching is that you will examine everything that could be in service of that transformation. It includes a holistic examination of your life, such as your cultural identity, influencers, and messaging that may be a catalyst or hindrance to significant change.

In simple terms, transformational coaching is focused on enabling self-actualization. Far more than ‘options-strategy-action’ to attain goals or clarity or to get better at something, transformational coaching dives deep into an individual’s psyche, focusing on who that person is and desires to become. Transformational coaching is therefore an ontological approach because it is about ‘being’ rather than ‘doing.’

The great transformational coaching question is therefore, “Who do you choose to be?” and what makes the process transformational is learning and doing what it takes to grow into the embodiment of that choice in being.

Chapter 1 Transformational Life Coaching

Chapter 2 Types of Coaching

Chapter 3 Life Purpose

Chapter 4 Cultural Competence

Chapter 5 Who Am I? My Beliefs and Values

Chapter 6 How to Become a Culturally Competent Coach

Chapter 7 Life Coaching and Positive Psychology

Chapter 8 Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

Chapter 9 Life Coaching and Attachment Theory

Chapter 10 Communication Skills

Chapter 11 Cognitive Therapy Skills

Chapter 12 Behavior Therapy Skills

Chapter 13 Leadership Coaching

Chapter 14 How to Develop Into a Leader

Chapter 15 Becoming a Leadership and Life Coach


Carletta N. Artis

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ISBN 9781792495229

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