Understandable Business Statistics

Author(s): Christopher W Rogers

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 276

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Understandable Business Statistics, Third Edition is precisely what the title implies; Basic Business Statistics that is presented in an understandable manner.  The pedagogical approach allows the reader to understand why they are studying the material and how it will be relevant to their professional future.  The twelve chapters cover all of the topics offered in a typical introductory business statistics course.   Each chapter includes end of chapter matching questions, multiple choice questions, short answer essay questions, problem exercises and some chapters have Excel application problems.  The matching and multiple choice questions can even be used as in class quizzes, to be removed and submitted.  The text can be supplemented with Hawkes Learning Systems "Beginning Statistics" software, available for purchase from Hawkes Learning.  The software corresponds well with Understandable Business Statistics, Third Edition and provides online lessons, practice, certification of mastery and tests.

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Business Statistics

CHAPTER 2 Organizing and Presenting Data

CHAPTER 3 Descriptive Statistics

CHAPTER 4 Probability: A Foundation for Statistics

CHAPTER 5 Discrete Probability Situations

CHAPTER 6 Continuous Probability Distributions

CHAPTER 7 Methods of Sampling, the Sampling Distribution, and the Central Limit Theorem

CHAPTER 8 Interval Estimates

CHAPTER 9 Hypothesis Testing with a Single Sample

CHAPTER 10 Hypothesis Testing with Two Samples

CHAPTER 11 Simple Correlation and Regression

CHAPTER 12 Common Nonparametric Methods


Christopher W Rogers

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ISBN 9781524941482

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