Understanding Chemistry in Our World

Author(s): Coast Learning Systems

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2010

Pages: 500


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You're Holding the Key to a Complete Distance Learning Introductory Chemistry Course for Non-Science Majors. 


Understanding Chemistry in Our World takes students on a journey of experimentation and investigation.  The concepts they learn will guide them to identify chemistry at work in everyday situations, and hopefully inspire them to explore new topics outside of the classroom.

Now you can offer an introductory chemistry course at your institution in any delivery format -- online, hybrid, or face-to-face!  Designed as a single-term, college-level course, Understanding Chemistry in Our World by Coast Learning Systems provides a comprehensive survey of the discipline, including fundamental principles and concepts for non-science majors. 

This book is divided into 14 chapters, which teach key chemistry concepts in a step-by-step fashion.  Each chapter builds upon the previous chapter, revealing the material through a highly readable exploration of topics with immediate relevance to today's students. Concepts are brought to life through vibrant illustrations and photographs that help visualize what actually occurs during chemical processes.

After successfully completing a course based on this textbook and its activities, students will be able to:

  • Use the properties of matter and energy to identify chemistry at work in everyday situations.
  • Use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to explain natural phenomena by applying qualitative and quantitative observations.   
  • Be an informed consumer and global citizen by evaluating and discussing common chemical principles as they apply in the home and workplace.  
  • Critically evaluate ideas and stories relating to chemistry for validity and reliability as they appear in popular media and culture.


Brief Table of Contents

Ch. 1 - The Amazing Table
Ch. 2 - Bonding: Atomic Glue
Ch. 3 - Ionic Compounds:Opposites Do Attract
Ch. 4 - When Atoms Share Electrons
Ch. 5 - Organic Molecules
Ch. 6 - Chemical Reactions: Atoms Find New Partners
Ch. 7 - Energy Makes Things Happen
Ch. 8 - Gases, Liquids, Solids: Going Through Phases
Ch. 9 - Solutions: Mixing It Up!
Ch. 10 - Rates and Equilibrium: Controlling Reactions
Ch. 11 - Acid-Base Chemistry: Proton Power
Ch. 12 - Electrochemistry: The Chemistry of Batteries
Ch. 13 - Nuclear Chemistry: Nature's Power Pack
Ch. 14 - Biochemistry

Coast Learning Systems

"The Chemical Insight sections and the interesting tidbits of information in the margins are fantastic because they explain things in the real world that students would be familiar with, and possibly have wondered why they were so."
     -- Nicole Stevens, Brigham Young University

"Coast breaks from the traditional order of topics and in a fashion that emphasizes key concepts better, and that allows students understanding to develop in a more natural manner."
     -- David Carter, Angelo State University

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ISBN 9780757560170

Details Print Product Only (SA,CP, Pak, all Print)