Understanding Glocal Contexts in Education: What Every Novice Teacher Needs to Know

Author(s): David Schwarzer, Jaime Grinberg

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 250


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Understanding Glocal Contexts: What Every Novice Teacher Needs to Know is an edited volume that is a part of a book series mostly designed to help undergraduate students determine if joining the teaching profession is for them. This book focuses on the historical and sociocultural foundations of education and its importance for novice teachers. It also provides the global and local (glocal) foundations for understanding the current context of public education, utilizing historical, sociological, cultural, and economic and political sciences contexts and perspectives.

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David Schwarzer and Jaime Grinberg

Section I: Society
1. United We Stand: Understanding the Context of Immigration in Education

Carolina González and Rafael Inoa

2. Beyond Class: Exploring the Intersection of Social Class, Capital, and Student Achievement
Elizabeth I. Rivera Rodas and Nicole Auffant

3. From Bilingual to English Only to Multilingual? Making a Case for a Language Policy Toward Translingualism
David Schwarzer and Maria-Sara Kopczynski

4. Flexing Our Democratic Muscles: How Local and Global Contexts Shape Education for Democratic Citizenship
Evan Mooney and Debra H. Cho

5. Addressing Transnationality and Glocality in Teaching and Teacher Education
Alison Price Rom and Hana Atiyat

Section II: Schools
6. Becoming American Through the Eyes of Public Education: Understanding the Context of Americanization in Public Schools

Jaime Grinberg and Jaclyn Weisz

7. Looking Back to Understand the Current Context of School Funding
Caroline Murray and Heather Frank

8. The Math Wars Continue: How Glocal Events Can Inform Mathematics Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning
Tanya Maloney and Tina Powell

9. Progressive Education
Jaime Grinberg and Jacqueline Wells

Section III: Teachers
10. On Becoming a Teacher: Finding Your Voice Through Dialogue

Maya S. Levanon and Yelena Adelman

11. Disability and Inclusive Education: Changing Perspectives
Susan Baglieri, Daniel Abuabasa, Ellen H. Cahill, LaChan V. Hannon, Justin Matyas, Erika P. Oliveros, David Schwarzer, and Laurie M. Summer

12. What to Measure and How to Measure Student Learning: Understanding the Context of Classroom Data and Assessment
Charity Dacey and Tammy Mills

13. Understanding the Context of Parental Involvement Through the National Standards for Family–School Partnership
Veronica R. Barrios and Clarissa Barrios

14. Beyond the Genius and the Muse: Creativity in Learning and Teaching
Pablo P. L. Tinio and Sofia A. Tinio

David Schwarzer and Jaime Grinberg

Postscript: Reflections on What Novice Teachers Need to Know About Teaching, Policy, and Contexts: A Conversation with Jennifer Robinson
Jennifer Robinson with Jaclyn Weisz and Jaime Grinberg

David Schwarzer

Jaime Grinberg

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ISBN 9781524972417

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