UNI 150: Designing Your Major: Exploring Majors and Careers

Author(s): Arizona State University

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 268


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1 How will UNI 150 help me learn about myself, majors, and career path?
Choosing a Major and Career
How to Be Motivated

2 What colleges and degree programs are available at ASU?
Exploring Your Interests
Work Skills for the Twenty-First Century
Career Trends 2019–2029
How to Research Your Career

3 How can CPDS resources prepare me for the world of work?
Informational Interviewing
A Time Line For an Informational Interview

4 What are my values and how do they inform my goals and motivations?
Using Values to Make Important Life Decisions
Choose a Major That Matches Your Gifts and Talents
Understanding Personality Types
Personality and Career Choice
Personality and Preferred Work Environment
Personality and Decision Making
Personality and Time Management
Personality and Learning Strategies
Other Factors in Choosing a Major

5 What are my various cultural identities? Why are diversity and inclusion important in the workplace?
Degrees of Privilege
Social Inequality, Income, and Wealth
Bias, Stereotypes, and Prejudice
Social Issues
The importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
The Benefits of Experiencing Diversity
Overcoming Barriers to Diversity
Strategies for Overcoming Stereotypes and Prejudices
Strategies for Increasing Interpersonal Contact and Interaction with Members of Diverse Groups
Gaining Awareness of Your Group Identities
Hidden Bias Test

6 How do I make thoughtful and informed decisions?
Making Good Decisions
What Are My Lifetime Goals?

7 How can I set concrete and practical goals using SMART guidelines?
Thinking Positively about Your Career
Optimism, Hope, and Future-Mindedness
Believe in Yourself
The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Positive Self-Talk and Affirmations
Visualize Your Success
Successful Beliefs



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