Unlocking Russian Pronunciation: A Supplementary Multimedia Mini-Course in Phonetics Based on Famous Russian Songs

Author(s): American Council of Teachers of Russian

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2019

Pages: 92


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Unlocking Russian Pronunciation is a comprehensive multimedia experience designed to facilitate the development of speech that sounds authentically Russian. Over the course of ten lessons, Unlocking Russian Pronunciation helps students:

1. Reset their default mouth position
2. Move from basic knowledge of Cyrillic to mastery of the rules of phonetics
3. Learn seven well-known Russian songs (although singing them is completely optional!)

The book and the accompanying online videos together comprise a flipped classroom learning experience that can minimize the burden of phonetics instruction for Russian language teachers. The book and videos together can also function as a stand-alone phonetics course for students studying Russian independently.

Unlocking Russian Pronunciation consists of:

  • This book, which serves as a textbook/workbook/reference manual
  • A set of online video lessons corresponding to each of the topics presented in the book
  • A set of online videos providing detailed talk-throughs of the lyrics of each song
  • A set of online videos containing performances of the songs, featuring lyrics and guitar chords displayed in real time

FAQ for Students
FAQ for Teachers
A Word About Russian Phonetics and This Mini-Course
About the Author

Lesson 1. Sound and Identity
Resetting Your Default Mouth Position

Lesson 2. Кали́нка – Sound Inventory
Russian Letters and How to Transcribe Them

Lesson 3. Кали́нка – Hard & Soft Sounds
How Hard and Soft Sounds Work Together
Consonants That Are Always Hard or Always Soft

Lesson 4. Кали́нка – Vowel Reduction
The Effect of Emphasis (Stress) on Vowels
Type I Reduction: о/а
Type II Reduction: е/я
Special Rules for Grammatical Endings and Particles (Clitics)
How Singing Changes Pronunciation

Lesson 5. Цыга́нская пе́сня
Voiced and Voiceless Consonants
Devoicing at the Ends of Words
Regressive Assimilation in Consonant Clusters
Renegade Letters г and ч

Lesson 6. Катю́ша
Prepositions That Lose It!
Signs of Separation: ъ, ь

Lesson 7. Мой костёр в тума́не све́тит
Word-Initial и

Lesson 8. Подмоско́вные вечера́
How to Pronounce -ться and -тся
How to Pronounce -ее and -яя
Disappearing Softness
Special Russian Words

Lesson 9. То́нкая ряби́на
Unstressed же, ше, це

Lesson 10. Грузи́нская пе́сня
Exceptional Consonant Combinations
Secret Phoneme ж’ж’
Secret Phoneme Voiced х
Borrowed Words
A Final Word

Exercise Answer Key

Exercise 1. Sound and Identity
Exercise 2. Кали́нка – Sound Inventory
Exercise 3. Кали́нка – Hard & Soft Sounds
Exercise 4. Кали́нка – Vowel Reduction
Кали́нка – Supplemental Answer Key for Advanced Students
Exercise 5. Цыга́нская пе́сня
Exercise 6. Катю́ша
Exercise 7. Мой костёр в тума́не све́тит
Exercise 8. Подмоско́вные вечера́
Exercise 9. То́нкая ряби́на
Exercise 10. Грузи́нская пе́сня

Song Lyrics & Chords
Цыга́нская пе́сня
Мой костёр в тума́не све́тит
Подмоско́вные вечера́
То́нкая ряби́на
Грузи́нская пе́сня


American Council of Teachers of Russian

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