Visual Culture, Representations, and Misrepresentations

Author(s): Christine Ballengee Morris

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

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Visual Culture, Representations, & Misrepresentations confronts and addresses social and cultural issues through the exploration of visual culture. The goals of this exploration of visual culture include challenging biases, discriminatory representations, and practices within our society that hinder democracy and social justice.

The text and activities in this book and course encourage: 1. the investigation of multiple social and political factors present in visual culture; 2. the reflection upon social, political, and cultural identity construction and how this construction informs perspectives; and 3. the development of practical methods of researching and interpreting visual art producers and products at the local, state, national, and international levels.

Visual Culture, Representations, & Misrepresentations

  • Encourages readers to analyze their personal identity and its construction as it determines everyday their behaviors and choices.
  • Identifies and examines ideas, issues, values, and beliefs found in everyday visual media.
  • Investigates conditions of change impacting visual culture such as education, technology, and economics.
  • Improves reader’s critical thinking skills through careful description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of readings, videos, and presentations.
  • Refines student’s skills in research methods, expository writing, and oral communication.


Chapter 1 Get On Down the Road
Chapter 2 Who Are You?
Chapter 3 Positioning Through Histories: Recognition and Reconciliation
Chapter 4 Communities and Regions: Identities
Chapter 5 Building a National Culture
Chapter 6 Finding Voices
Chapter 7 We Are Connected to the World

APA Appendix
Peer Guidelines Appendix
Rubrics Appendix

Christine Ballengee Morris

Dr. Ballengee Morris is a Professor in the Arts Administration, Education, and Policy Department and Interim Director of the Barnett Center, Integrated Arts and Enterprise for The Ohio State University. She was the founding director of The Multicultural Center at OSU. In 2007, she co-authored, Interdisciplinary approaches to teaching art in high school; in 2012, Stand(ing) Up for Change; in 2015 Visual culture, representations, and misrepresentations; and her new book, co-authored with Kryssi Staikidis, Contemporary American Indian Art, Pedagogy, and Research. She has received numerous awards such as: The Woman’s Achievement Award, YWCA, 2016; The Ohio State University Diversity award, 2014; June King McFee Award, National Art Education Association, 2013; National Art Education Association Fellow, 2012; National Art Education Higher Education Western Division Award, 2008; the Ziegfeld Award for Diversity, 2007; and the National Art Education Grigsby Award (research in and commitment to diversity) 2006.

She has received many grants including a NEH and HASTEC grant for her work in developing a participatory game-based website Earthworks Rising, housed by OSU. Ballengee Morris’ research interest include self-determination, identity development, Indigenous arts, integrated curricula, service-learning, visual culture, and arts-based research. As an Eastern Band Cherokee, she is dedicated to advocacy and service to American Indian students and issues.

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ISBN 9781524972363

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