Who Speaks for Justice: Raising Our Voices in the Noise of Hegemony

Author(s): Joan Therese Wynne, Carlos Gonzalez

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2015

Pages: 298


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As a collection of narratives, Who Speaks for Justice: Raising Our Voices In The Noise of Hegemony explores each other’s stories about battles to be free, as researchers, teachers, learners, citizens.

Who Speaks for Justice:

  • explores the tension of working, teaching, and profiting from a system that inherently creates distinction and privilege, one that thrives on disparity.
  • encourages students to recognize not only the inevitable convolutions of life’s stories, but also the power and the place of those stories in the scope of research.
  • tells of the tragedy and glory of cultures, humans, trees, and earth.
  • is a catalyst for creative encounters confronting the repression that students face every day in school buildings.


PART 1: A human being is part of the whole

                Math, struggles, and splash pine

                Generations Connect: Variation on “Om Namah Shivaya”

                Constitutional Eras for “We the People”

                Blockages become gifts

                Nature as home…antidote to war

PART 2: Develop the genius within the young

                Despite the rhetoric, teachers and students are succeeding

                Courts to play on

                Can I Write This?

                Breaking silence

                The autonomy of the teacher/developer or teacher/researcher

PART 3: The spirit of agency

                Service to others matter

                Where are the women?

                Calm down, relax; it isn’t that big a deal

                Creating Paradise

                Poetry school

                Debra, the essence of love in the midst of struggle

                Grassroots leadership for the 21st Century: Leading by not leading

PART 4: The world in language

                The lost voice of a spic

                Naming, walking, and magic

                My English isn’t too good-looking

PART 5: The problem is cultural

                Dealing with whiteness to empower students to fight for common good

                Listening to students: Stories from the Education Effect

                Living with the tensions of hope and despair

                The dark & the dazzling: Children leading us back from the edge

                Voices of those we cage – and a different kind of witness

                Let the human spirit in the room

PART 6: To love. To be loved…Never get used to the disparity

                What will become of your life?

                What is going on?

                My great grandmother’s battle

                History lessons learned and paid forward

                Thinking outside the binary box: Queer(ing) research and practice

Joan Therese Wynne

Joan T. Wynne began her career teaching literature and writing at David T. Howard High School in Atlanta, Georgia. Later she taught at Morehouse College and then became an Associate Director of two Urban Centers, one at Georgia State University (GSU) in Atlanta, and one at Florida International University in Miami, where she also served as an Urban Education professor. While teaching at Morehouse College, Wynne designed and directed The Benjamin E. Mays Teacher Scholars Program. She co-designed and directed an Urban Teacher Leadership Master’s Program when at GSU and taught graduate classes also there. She was a leadership and equity consultant for public schools in Atlanta and in Fulton County, GA. Her research interests include the instruction of urban children; racism’s impact in schools; and the grassroots leadership of Bob Moses and the Algebra Project and the Young People’s Project. She has published research studies in multiple professional journals and books, and has been awarded over $5 million in national and state grants. In 2000, Wynne received the “Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award” for work with diverse populations, and in 2015 received the Honorable Mention-Urban Affairs Association-SAGE Activist Scholar Award. Her recent co-authored texts include: Who speaks for Justice: Raising Our Voices in the Noise of Hegemony; Confessions of a White Educator: Stories in Search of Justice and Diversity; Quality Education as a Constitutional Right: Creating a Grassroots Movement to Transform Public Schools; and Research, Racism, & Educational Reform: Voices from the City. The work of Lisa Delpit, Asa G. Hilliard, III, Bob Moses and her brilliant students, living on the margins of society, have inspired her writing and research. Wynne is now an FIU retired professor, a writer/educator with the Miami Algebra Project Council, and participant in the “We the People: Math Literacy for All” National Alliance, and the South Florida Local Alliance for Math Literacy & Equity (FLAME).

Carlos Gonzalez

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ISBN 9781465284976

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