Whole Person Health: Mindful Living Across the Lifespan

Author(s): Maria Napoli, Steven W Peterson

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 244


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Whole Person Health: Mindful Living Across the Lifespan was developed to deepen your perspective on living mindfully by exploring areas of your life that add quality but may fall by the wayside as we mature. In addition to practicing mindful living following the MAC guide DVD, topics include your relationship to nature, animals, your artistic voice, relationship to music as well the people in your life and finally achieving happiness across the lifespan.

Whole Person Health: Mindful Living Across the Lifespan by Maria Napoli and Steve Peterson:

  • Is a complete academic work that embodies awareness, experience and personal / professional growth of a close-knit mindful movement.
  • Walks you through looking through life’s lens in ways that offer you new perspectives on how you decide to spend your time.
  • Offers you the opportunity to deepen your mindfulness practice. Practicing the three part breath and ocean breath gives you choices to practice breathing exercises.



Chapter 1 Mindfulness Across the Lifespan
Jamie Valderrama

Chapter 2 Developing a Mindful Ego: The Power of Emotional Intelligence
Steve Peterson

Chapter 3 The Positive Effects of Exercise Across the Lifespan
Steve Peterson

Chapter 4 The Healing Power of Play, Laughter, and Humor
Steve Peterson

Chapter 5 Healthy Relationships Across the Lifespan
Tamara Rounds

Chapter 6 The Benefits of Connecting with Nature
Steve Peterson

Chapter 7 The Benefits of the Human-Animal Relationship
Steve Peterson

Chapter 8 Harmony Across the Lifespan: The Benefits of Music Throughout Our Lives
Charles Tyler and Eric Shetzen

Chapter 9 The Artist Within Across the Lifespan
Olga Idriss Davis

Chapter 10 Happiness: Journey and Destination
Teri Kennedy

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Maria Napoli

Maria Napoli, PhD, is Emeritus Associate Professor at Arizona State University School of Social Work. She has incorporated the practice of mindfulness in her research, teaching, trainings and presentations at conferences nationally and internationally. Dr. Napoli has developed mindfulness programs for elementary school children, undergraduate and graduate students including a graduate certificate in integrative health.

The Mindfulness Model used in the curriculum is the simple four step Mindful MAC Guide created by Dr. Napoli. She has published in academic journals and books as well as audios reflecting her work in whole person health and mindfulness.

Steven W Peterson

MR. STEVE PETERSON is Associate Faculty at Arizona State University and facilitates mindful learning, health, wellness and lifelong growth through classroom instruction as part of the University’s Integrative Health Initiative. His central tenet is that whole person health includes mindfulness, stress-management and an understanding of the mental and physiological processes that can either inspire or drain wellness throughout the entire lifespan. Mr. Peterson incorporates Eastern and Western healthcare practices into his curriculum delivery for a truly understandable and personal wellness experience. He also developed the “Personal Resolution Pyramid” for establishing mindful balance in one’s life that will be experienced in this textbook.

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