Women and Social Action: Telecourse Study Guide

Author(s): Governors State University

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2003

Pages: 208


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Hearing people's stories is an effective way to get a sense of the complexities of people's lives, as well as to see the commitment, vision, humor, and compassion underlying empowering social actions. Women and Social Action captures on videotape the stories of over 70 women and men who are involved in social action, as well as the experiences of students in the course. Through people' s stories, we gain a richer understanding of barriers women face, varied goals and strategies for social change, and the rewards and challenges of social action. 


Class 1: Social Action and Social Change

Class 2: Perspectives on Women

Class 3: Leadership and Social Action

Class 4: Commonalities and Differences

Class 5: Gender Socialization

Class 6: Transforming Knowledge

Class 7: Families

Class 8: Child Care

Class 9: Women and Health

Class 10: Women, Weight, and Food

Class 11: Pregnancy and Childbirth

Class 12: Motherhood

Class 13: Abortion and Reproductive Issues

Class 14: Religion

Class 15: Work

Class 16: Sexual Harassment

Class 17: Low-income Resistance

Class 18: Homelessness

Class 19: Connecting the Issues

Class 20: Violence Against Women

Class 21: On the Streets and in the Jails

Class 22: Rape and Self-Defense

Class 23: Perspectives on Social Change

Class 24: New Directions

A - Scrambled Eggs and Seed Daddies: Conversations with My Son
B - Sexual Harassment: A Sociological Perspective
C - (Grassroot) Resident Activism in Wentworth Gardens a Chicago Public Housing Development: A Case Study of Building Community
D1 - The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Women's Empowerment Project
D2 - Homeless Families in Chicago
E - NCASA Guidelines for Choosing a Self-Defense Course


Governors State University

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ISBN 9781465230263

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