Women, Minorities and Criminal Justice: A Multicultural Intersectionality Approach

Author(s): Carla Miller Coates, Moneque Walker-Pickett

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 364


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Women, Minorities, and Criminal Justice takes a hard look at crime, justice, and the criminal justice system through the lens of gender, race, sexuality, and their intersections. Dialogue about minorities in criminal justice is currently one of the most talked about issues in a variety of social and political spaces. Often missing is the inclusion of women. Filled with content appropriate for undergraduate or graduate exploration, Women, Minorities, and Criminal Justice examines such topics as police use of force, implicit bias, delinquency, women in non-US prisons, domestic violence, LGBTQ+, cybersecurity, women in leadership, and more. Carla Miller Coates and Moneque Walker-Pickett have brought together a multidisciplinary group of scholars to provide a panoramic view of current issues affecting women in various stages of the criminal justice. This reader-friendly format will foster thought-provoking discussions and illustrate the importance of continued research on race, ethnicity, and gender in all aspects of the administration of justice.

SECTION 1: Bias, Deviance, and Crime
CHAPTER 1: Light ‘EM Up and Shut them down: The Militarization of Policing

Carla Miller Coates
CHAPTER 2: Asian American Women in Law Enforcement: Entre, Challenges, and Perspectives
Daisy Ball
CHAPTER 3: Female Police Offi cers and the Use of Force: Understanding When and How Much
Roddrick Colvin
CHAPTER 4: Editorial: Foreign Women in Prison
Biko Agozino
CHAPTER 5: Black, Blue, & Bloody: An Examination of the Lautenberg Amendment’s Effect on Black Women and Officer Involved Domestic Violence
Caitlin Charles
CHAPTER 6: Recognizing Implicit Bias in the Criminal Justice System: Does it Result in Covert Discriminations
Beverly Ross and Mathilda Spencer
CHAPTER 7: Succeed Like a Man: Scarcity and Gendered Deviance and Crime under the One-child Policy in China
Ting Wang
CHAPTER 8: Minority Female School Safety Agents’ Identification of Adolescent Bullying
G. R. Paez

SECTION 2: Women and Minorities in Law Enforcement
CHAPTER 9: Women in Community Corrections: Supervision Styles and Decision-Making

Amber Wilson & Barbara Koons-Witt
CHAPTER 10: Do Women and Minority Judges Make a Difference?
Robert L. Bing III
CHAPTER 11: Intersectionality in Correctional Contexts: Implications for Women under Correctional Supervision
Breanna Boppre
CHAPTER 12: Women and Policing - Inside the Patriarchy: What is it Like to Be a Female Correctional Officer?
Daniela Barberi and Lindsay Smith
CHAPTER 13: #ThemToo: Examining Sexual Harassment among Female Correctional Officers
TaLisa J. Carter & Chrysanthi Leon
CHAPTER 14: Women, Criminal Justice Professionals, and Leadership Styles
Leon T. Geter

SECTION 3: Women and the LGBTQIA+
CHAPTER 15: Squaring the Circle: Exploring Lesbian Experience in a Heteromale Police

Profession Lauren Moton, M.S., Kwan-Lamar Blount-Hill, J.D. & Roddick Clovin
CHAPTER 16: Justice Served? Examination of Courtroom and Incarcerated Transgender Individuals Treatment within the Criminal Justice System
Chastity Blankenship & Emma Leahy
CHAPTER 17: Understanding Crimes Against and Amongst LGBTQ through an Intersectionality Lens
Dr. Michelle Boone-Thornton
CHAPTER 18: Against the Grain: Women in Policing
Dr. Debbie Mims & Dr. Karen May
CHAPTER 19: Intersectional of Women and Crime: Queer Women of Color’s Experience in Law Enforcement
Sapphire Beverly

SECTION 4: Cybersecurity
CHAPTER 20: Cyber Connectivity, Cybercrime, and Cyberspace Regulations

Prit Kaur
CHAPTER 21: Women and Cybersecurity: An Analysis of Workforce Gaps
Leon T. Geter
CHAPTER 22: Cybersecurity and Law Enforcement
Carla Miller Coates

Carla Miller Coates

Moneque Walker-Pickett

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