Workbook to Accompany Straight Talk About Communication Research Methods

Author(s): Christine S Davis, Brandy Stamper, Sayde Brais

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 192


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The Straight Talk about Communication Research Methods Student Workbook is intended to accompany Christine S. Davis and Kenneth A. Lachlan’s Straight Talk about Communication Research Methods (3rd edition). This workbook is designed to allow students the opportunity to practice the knowledge and skills learned in a communication research methods course. This workbook mirrors the structure of Straight Talk about Communication Research Methods dividing the sections into five parts with chapter-by-chapter exercises to help facilitate learning.

Support for student learning in each chapter includes:

  • A chapter overview that provides a summary of the chapter content
  • Learning objectives to highlight key competencies gained from each exercise
  • A chapter study guide to reinforce students’ understanding of key terms and concepts outline by the Straight Talk about Communication Research Methods textbook

Front Matter

Introduction for Instructors

Introduction for Students


About the Authors

Part 1: Introduction to Communication Research

Chapter 1: What is Communication Research?
Exercises 1 – 3

Chapter 2: Metatheoretical Considerations, Perspectives, and Paradigms
Exercises 4-6

Chapter 3: Library Research
Exercises 7-9

Chapter 4: Literature Review
Exercises 10-13

Part 2: Preparing to Conduct Research

Chapter 5: Research Questions, Objectives, and Hypotheses
Exercises 14-17

Chapter 6: Understanding Research Ethics
Exercises 18-19

Chapter 7: Understanding Variables
Exercises 20-22

Chapter 8: Understanding Sampling
Exercises 23-25

Chapter 9: Validity, Reliability, and Credibility
Exercises 26-28

Part 3: Research Under the Quantitative Paradigm

Chapter 10: Survey Research
Exercises 29-30

Chapter 11: Content and Interaction Analysis
Exercise 31-33

Chapter 12: Experiments
Exercises 34-35

Chapter 13: Writing, Analyzing, and Critiquing Quantitative Research
Exercises 36-37

Part 4: Research Under the Qualitative Paradigm

Chapter 14: Introduction to Qualitative Communication Research
Exercises 38-40

Chapter 15: Social Science Qualitative Approaches
Exercises 41-42

Chapter 16: Social Constructionist and Arts-Based Qualitative Approaches
Exercises 43-45

Chapter 17: Rhetorical Approaches to Communication Research
Exercises 46-47

Part 5: Resources

How to Read a Journal Article Checklist
APA Style Formatting Tips
Easy Tips to Writing a Literature Review
Qualitative Research vs. Quantitative Research Overview
Quantitative Research Characteristics
Quantitative Methods and Approaches
Determining the Most Appropriate Statistical Test
Qualitative Research Characteristics
Qualitative Methods and Approaches
Research Proposal Organization Map
APA Style Research Proposal Checklist

Christine S Davis

Christine Davis is Professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her area of academic expertise is in Communication Studies, specializing in the intersection of family, culture, and health communication. Dr. Davis publishes regularly on topics such as children’s health, end-of-life communication, disability, and qualitative research methods. Her preferred methodologies are autoethnography, narrative, and critical ethnography. She has over 30 years of research and corporate consulting experience, including as owner of a national marketing research firm and executive director of a nonprofit for older adults. She obtained all three of her degrees in Communication Studies. Her BA is from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (more commonly known as Virginia Tech), her M.A. is from the University of North Carolina–Greensboro, and her Ph.D. is from the University of South Florida. Christine has a loving husband, a wonderful daughter and son-in-law, the most adorable grandson ever, and an awesome Sheltie named Maggie. In addition to conducting research and teaching, she loves to sail, hike, jog, and swim.

Brandy Stamper

Sayde Brais

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