Write Now

Author(s): Kathryn Raign

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2014

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Write Now covers the basics of writing. It is a student-friendly text featuring interactive components to enhance student learning.

Write Now:

  • features interactive activities and practice quizzes in each chapter.
  • includes student resources and videos.
  • includes final quizzes on each chapter that can be additional assignments.


Chapter 1: Parts of Speech/Subjects and Predicates

Chapter 2: Writing Strategies & Reasons to Write

Chapter 3: Sentence Types

Chapter 4: Rhetorical situation & the writing Process

Chapter 5: Subject & Verb/Noun Agreement, Compound Verbs, Pronoun & Antecedent Agreement; Dangling Modifiers, Passive Voice, Punctuation

Chapter 6: Observations

Chapter 7: Experiences

Chapter 8: Persuade

Chapter 9: Respond

Kathryn Raign

Related ISBN's: 9781465246608

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ISBN 9781465246608

Details Card w/Access Code for KHPContent 180 days