Writings in Jazz

Author(s): Nathan T Davis

Edition: 6

Copyright: 2002

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Writings in Jazz, Sixth Edition, brings together different intrepretations, styles, and musical perspectives of jazz history. The author lived this history while working with such jazz icons as Donald Byrd, Kenny Clarke, and Grover Washington, Jr., and he shares his encyclopedic knowledge of jazz in an educational, enjoyable and memorable way. Included are listening suggestions, and a complete analysis of the development of jazz.

 Listening Examples

 1. What is Jazz? 
 2. New Orleans 
 3. Ragtime 
 4. Religion and Jazz? 
 5. Minstrelsy and Its Effect on Jazz 
 6. The Blues 
 7. Chicago and New York During the 1920s 
 8. Kansas City: The Focal Point of Jazz in the Late 1920s 
 9. Swing 
10. Bebop 
11. Cool and Third Stream 
12. Hard Bop (Late 1950s) 
13. Free Jazz and the Avant-Garde (1960s) 
14. Jazz Rock Fusion: 'The Big Crossover' (1970-1980) 
15. Women in Jazz 
16. Jazz: A World Music 
17. The 1980s and 1990s: New Directions in Jazz 

 Jazz Education Opportunities 
 Discography of Jazz Recordings 


Nathan T Davis

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ISBN 9780757502972

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