Yoga: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Practice

Author(s): M. M. "Skip" Rector

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 160

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M. Skip Rector has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for over twenty-five years. Through that time, he has developed highly effective techniques that promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Skip’s philosophy is simple, “Anyone can do Yoga. The key to getting the most benefit from this ancient practice is to go to your edge in each pose.” By going to this level, it creates the most benefit for you. In his classes, he stresses the importance of doing the positions correctly so as to obtain the most benefit.

This approach has proven very successful in his work with the thousands of students of all ages and ability levels who have studied with him including individuals who have physical and mental challenges. Doing Yoga with Skip is like a meditation in motion. Once you learn the poses, you move from one pose to another pose creating a gentle flow.

This 2nd Edition provides new and updated material on many aspects of Yoga and life. In the chapter on meditation, skip added a QR code to access a 30-minute meditation. He expands the information in existing chapters and includes new chapters on Yoga to help with golf and Yoga on paddleboards. In addition, several poses have new photos and information. Kendall Hunt Publishing Company also chose this edition to be released internationally.


Introduction to Yoga

CHAPTER 1. Philosophy of Yoga

CHAPTER 2. Origins and History of Yoga

CHAPTER 3. Being in the Moment

CHAPTER 4. Breathing

CHAPTER 5. Meditation

CHAPTER 6. Chakras


CHAPTER 8. Fasting

CHAPTER 9. Kriyas

CHAPTER 10. Styles of Yoga

CHAPTER 11. Asanas

CHAPTER 12. Yoga Positions

CHAPTER 13. Golf and Yoga

CHAPTER 14. Paddleboarding and Yoga



Contributing Individuals


M. M. "Skip" Rector

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ISBN 9781524918835

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