Yoga: A Path to Wellness: A Workbook for Students

Author(s): Alison Donley

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2016

Pages: 230


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The focus of this text is primarily to help students learn more about themselves as they create a fitness and wellness routine through an introductory practice of one of the systems of Hatha yoga, the physical path to union of body, mind, and spirit.

The introductory text explores modern-day Ashtanga yoga, also called ashtanga vinyasa, a profoundly transformative and therapeutic practice created by Pattabhi Jois and his guru, Krishnamacharya, also known as “the father of modern yoga.”  Ashtanga vinyasa requires austere discipline and decades of study and commitment to a regular practice. One of Pattabhi Jois’s favorite quotes was “ashtanga yoga is ninety-nine percent practice and one percent theory.” On this particular path, students cannot be armchair yogins. To truly understand the theory, they must be willing to do the practice.




Purpose of the Text

Chapter 1 What Is Yoga?
A Brief Introduction to the Philosophy
History of Yoga
Present-Day Influential Teachers
The Cult Question
The Ancient Texts of Yoga
The Four Main Paths of Yoga
What Is Hatha Yoga?
Test Your Knowledge
Going Deeper

Chapter 2 Yoga in the Contemporary World
Why Is Yoga So Popular Now?
What Are Our Brains Wired for?
Your Brain on Yoga
Stress: The Basics
How Does a Yoga Asana Practice Help?
Popular Styles of Hatha Yoga
Test Your Knowledge
Going Deeper: “OMwork”

Chapter 3 Wellness
The Seven Dimensions of Wellness
Wellness Questions
Physical Fitness
Test Your Knowledge
Going Deeper: “OMwork”

Chapter 4 The Benefits of Practicing Yoga
Student Testimonials
Benefits of Yoga Practice as Reported by Students
Research on Yoga as Therapy
Yoga for Anxiety and Depression
Yoga Nidra for Anxiety, Depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Bipolar Disorder
Research to Support Yoga and Chanting
Yoga Is for Everybody and Every Body
Going Deeper

Chapter 5 Ashtanga Yoga: The Eight-Limbed Path to Union of Body, Mind, and Spirit
Patanjali’s Eight-Limbed Path
Limb 1: The Yamas
Limb 2: The Niyamas
Limb 3: Asana
Limb 4: Pranayama
Limb 5: Pratyahara
Limbs 6, 7, and 8: Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi
Test Your Knowledge
Going Deeper: “OMwork”

Chapter 6 Getting Started
Materials Needed for Each Class
What to Expect
Preparing for Practice
General Guidelines
Ashtanga Essentials
Test Your Knowledge
Going Deeper: “OMwork”

Chapter 7 Your Practice: A Fifteen-Week Practice Based on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
Asana Practice
The First Three Weeks of Practice
Basic Asanas of the Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara  A and B)
Surya Namaskara A (Sun Salutation A)
Surya Namaskara B (Sun Salutation B)
Surya Namaskara A and B From a Chair
Weeks Four through Nine
Standing Sequence Postures
The Primary Series Postures
Closing Series Postures
Weeks Ten to Fifteen
A Gentle Approach
Going Deeper

Chapter 8 Pranayama: The Control of Life Force
What Is Yogic Breathing?
Organs Used in Breathing
When Should You Use Yogic Breathing?

Chapter 9 Meditation
What Is Meditation?
Benefits of Meditation
How to Meditate
When to Meditate
Test Your Knowledge
Going Deeper: “OMwork”

Chapter 10 You, the Yogic Consumer
You Are What You Eat
Nutrition 101
The Three Gunas
Eating to Support Your Health and Your Yoga Practice
A Yogic Diet: The Vegetarian Question
A Yogic Approach to Consumerism
Test Your Knowledge
Going Deeper: “OMwork”

Chapter 11 Continuing Your Practice
End of Semester Questions
The Rest Is Up to You

Assessments and Journals
Fitness Assessments
Stress Assessment
Food/Mood Journals
OMwork Journals

Alison Donley

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ISBN 9781524974077

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