Yoga: The Spirit of Union

Author(s): Lar Caughlan

Edition: 3

Copyright: 1996

Pages: 124


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Lar Caughlan

Lar Caughlin is a teacher of Yoga at San Francisco State University, San Jose State University and Santa Clara University, Over forty years he has received specialized training in various Yoga disciplines from the Integral Yoga Institute. During his Yoga training he worked as a forestry firefighter and a freelance journalist and filmmaker, covering California’s forest fires. He filmed, scored, and produced “The Blazing Forest,” as seen from a perspective of wildlife.

In 1979 he produced, filmed, edited, narrated, and scored the music for a thirty-five minute documentary on the rehabilitation and release of an American bald eagle named “Silver” from the San Francisco Zoo. It has been aired on public television and on ABC’s “Those Amazing Animals.” He also has developed three personal film studies on Yoga techniques “Yoga in High Places” Parts I, II, and III, filmed in Yosemite and Death Valley.

In 1988, Mr. Caughlan developed specialized Yoga classes for the U.S. Navy at Alameda and Moffett Field Naval Air Stations. He is instructing Technical Rock Climbing and Basic Mountaineering at the university level, having climbed over ninety summits, and during the summer, Small Boat Sailing and Olympic Archery.

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ISBN 9781465234544

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