You Must Learn!: A Primer for the Study of Hip-Hop Culture

Author(s): T Hasan Johnson

Edition: 0

Copyright: 2012

Pages: 86


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You Must Learn! A Primer in the Study of Hip-Hop Culture:


  • radically exposes Hip-Hop's true origins!
  • is the first book to explore Hip-Hop's pre-history! 
  • illuminates the role of consciousness in Hip-Hop's politics!
  • challenges the reader to examine the role of Black masculinity/femininity in Hip-Hop culture!



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I. Chapter One - Hip-Hop Primer
    I. Origins and Influences: Why I Love Hip-Hop!
    II. Hip-Hop and Academia: Partners or Enemies?

II. Chapter Two - A Cursory Pre-History of the Art Form
    I. What Can We Learn from the Study of Hip-Hop?: A Pre-History of Hip-Hop
    II. Reconstruction, Music, and the Underpinnings of Hip-Hop
    III. African Americans and the Developing Church
    IV. Reconstruction Era
    V. Further Readings

III. Chapter Three - A Cursory History of Hip-Hop and Generations of Conscious Hip-Hop
    I. Forerunners to Hip-Hop (the Pre-Generation)
    II. The Beginnings of Hip-Hop
    III. Kool Herc
    IV. Afrika Bambaataa
    V. King Grandmaster Flash
    VI. Sylvia Robinson
    VII. Grandmaster Melle Mel
    VIII. Further Readings

IV. Chapter Four - The Infrastructure of Hip-Hop
    I. The Infrastructure of Hip-Hop: Elements of Hip-Hop
    II. Deejaying: Origins
    III. Master of Ceremony: The Craft of Emceeing
    IV. B-Boying: Gliding on Concrete
    V. Graffiti: The Science of Contemporary Hieroglyphics
    VI. Aesthetic Musical Production: Beat-Boxing and Sampling
    VII. Further Readings

V. Chapter Five - The Transcontextual Meta-Imaginary
    I. A Paradigm Shift: The Transcontextual Meta-Imaginary
    II. Module 1: Post-World War II
    III. Module 2: Pop Media (1950-1970)
    IV. Module 3: Manufactured Economic Underdevelopment
    V. Module 4: Economic Warehousing, Imprisonment, and Ghettoization
    VI. Further Readings

VI. Chapter Six – The Unspoken Heard: Voices of Dissent in Politics and Conscious Hip-Hop
    I. Hip-Hop: The Black CNN and Political Unrest
    II. Consciousness in Hip-Hop
    III. Funkin’ Around the Whole World: Afrofuturism and the Significance of Creative Expression
    IV. Further Readings

VII. Chapter Seven – Masculinity and Femininity in Hip-Hop
    I. Black Feminism, Intersectionality, and the Politics of Theory
    II. Black Feminisms: the Value of Constructive Femininities in Hip-Hop
    III. New Black Masculinities: Black Masulinism and New Trajectories for Black Manhood
    IV. Conclusion
    V. Further Readings

T Hasan Johnson

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ISBN 9781465214782

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