Your Career Planner

Author(s): Cheryl L Bonner, Susan Musich

Edition: 11

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 410


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Your Career Planner was designed with an APP in mind – it is a tool, it is a self-contained program, and it is user friendly. This text is meant to provide you information and give you ways in which to put that information to use.

Completely redesigned in a new 11th edition, Your Career Planner guides students and professionals through the process of finding a satisfying career that fits their individual personality and talents. It also develops job search skills and provides creative ways for people to promote themselves and their talents in the job market.

Your Career Planner features:

Aha! Moments – record key points and discoveries that are critical to the development of a realistic career plan.

APP Actions – assessments, activities, experiences, and assignments help the reader learn information about themselves, careers, and the job market.

Press Pause – designed to get you to react to what you’ve just read and make a self-discovery.

Tips – the TIP icons throughout are nuggets of information which elaborate on a point or provide insights for further research.




APP 1.1 Managing Your Career in Today’s World

APP 1.2 Developing Your Career Vision


APP 2.1 Your Skills in Action

APP 2.2 Your Thinking Style in Work and Learning

APP 2.3 Your Personality and Interests

APP 2.4 Connect Your Personality to Work


APP 3.1 Discovering What Motivates You

APP 3.2 Alternatives and Decision Making


APP 4.1 Setting Goals and Planning Your Career

APP 4.2 Empowering Yourself to Succeed


APP 5.1 Researching & Gathering Information

APP 5.2 Creating Your Branding & Marketing Tools

APP 5.3 Marketing Yourself Through Effective Communication

APP 5.4 Networking Effectively

APP 5.5   Finding Jobs & Internships

APP 5.6   Acing the Interview

APP 5.7 Tips for Success

APP 5.8 Developing Career Experience Now!


APP 6.1 Career Considerations for International Students

APP 6.2 Veterans

APP 6.3 Adults in Transition


APP 7.1   Informational Interviewing Overview

APP 7.2   Web and Print Resources

APP 7.3 About Me

APP 7.4 Career Research Notes

APP 7.5 Supplemental Activities


Cheryl L Bonner

Cheryl Clark Bonner, M.Ed., is a career program director and a counselor. She has over 30 years of experience working in various higher education settings including private and public universities and community colleges. She is currently the Director of Alumni Career Services at Penn State University where she provides services to meet the career/life management needs of alumni and facilitates networking opportunities for alumni and students. She is a founding member of the Alumni Career Service Network (ACSN), the professional development organization for this relatively new field. As a part of this organization, she has the opportunity to be a part of a team of experts who support the professional development of providers of career services to college alumni including the development of conferences, webinars and other training opportunities. Originally trained to be a special education teaching through her undergraduate degree, she continues to use her passion for education by creating learning opportunities for students and adults on the many aspects of life long career development. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and training events on the topics of career, life management, mission and calling. She has developed career and work related courses that have been taught in both the traditional classroom setting and through distance learning.

Cheryl is an ENFP who enjoys being involved in many things and projects. Realizing that life cannot be satisfied just the worker role, she is an adult education facilitator at her church, an amateur photographer and a learner of new things. During her free time, she can he found with husband Bill working on their home and garden, strolling along the nearest beach, or exploring a new town.

Susan Musich

Susan Musich, M.Ed., is a globally-recognized international career expert. She is the founder and executive director of the award-winning Passport Career program designed to help professionals, from student through to post doc, effectively and strategically  manage career transitions. Susan has worked for more than 20 years as a global career advisor, consultant, trainer, manager and faculty and has individually coached more than 10,000 culturally diverse individuals—from undergraduates through PhDs/postdocs and from entry-level professionals through executives—all who have relocated to over 140 countries.

Susan has coordinated global research and studies and published over 400 articles on global career transitions. Susan led multiple studies and an extensive research project with 50 researchers focusing on effective cross-border career strategies. She has written or co-authored 13 career and job search books.

Susan insights and knowledge have come from her extensive experience working for The World Bank, the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Peace Corps, The George Washington University’s Global MBA Program, Accenture, Save the Children, Readers Digest Publishers, and other global organizations and universities. During her 10 years leading the global career services and global mobility at The World Bank, Susan provided support simultaneously to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), International Monetary Fund (IMF), InterAmerican Development Bank (IADB), Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Organization for American States (OAS). She was the liaison to 16 UN agencies coordinating a global career program to support tens of thousands of relocating staff and their professional partners seeking employment in their destination country.

Susan is a frequent speaker on international careers and global mobility topics and has delivered more than 150 presentations and training activities in over 35 countries. Susan has a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Journalism from Northern Arizona University and a master’s degree in Education Development from George Mason University. She studied abroad in Mexico and has lived and worked in Australia, Costa Rica and the Philippines. She resides in the Washington, DC area.

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