Your Physics Coach: Kinematics & Force Analysis

Author(s): Jon Celesia

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 506


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This book is dedicated to your STEM success.

This book is for BOTH life science and engineering/physical science students.

Ideally, you work through this before taking your physics course, but it can also be used as a companion trainer. For the price of a few sessions with a tutor, you have a training and tutorial that has been developed, tested, and refined for 30 years.

The promise is this: If you read every word and work through every exercise, you will be very prepared to do well in your physics classes. Follow the plan to maximize the value. Do at least one section, and no more than two, every day of the week.

Study tips, analysis steps, common misconceptions and confusion, and sequenced, ramped exercises are presented in a very personal, sometimes humorous, way.

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Watch author Jon Celesia break down an exercise in the video linked HERE.   

To the Student
This book‛s for you
About the Author
Course Objectives: Do well in physics!

PART 0: Orientation

Chapter 0: Orientation to Physics & Problem Solving (Setting the purpose and plan for your training)

PART I: Kinematics Analysis

Chapter 1: Kinematics Analysis—Visualize & Sketch (Show details of motion.)

Chapter 2: Kinematics Analysis—Units & How Much (Big or small?)

Chapter 3: Kinematics Analysis—Ratios & Graphs (Begin to put it together!)

Chapter 4: Kinematics Analysis—Algebra Puzzles (Struggle. Grind. Now you’re prepared!)

Chapter 5: Kinematics Analysis—Vectors (Gettin’ Triggy Wit It!)

Chapter 6: Kinematics Analysis—Calculus (Applications & Meaning)

PART II: Force Analysis

Chapter 7: Forces, N 3rd, Balance (Getting some tricky things straight!)

Appendix: Preparation for Physics Lab—Measurement & Uncertainty

Jon Celesia

Jon Celesia is department chair of Astronomy, Physics, Engineering/Geology & Computer Science at Contra Costa Community College in San Pablo, California. He has taught physics and elementary astronomy for about three decades. He has been awarded the student honor society “Golden Apple” and the district “Unsung Hero” awards. He also received a division special commendation for raising money for a 12” SC/GPS, hosting high traffic star parties, and presenting planetarium shows to school groups. He received his bachelor’s degrees in physics and mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley. It was there that his work helping students, understandably struggling with difficult ideas and skills, compelled him to continue helping others appreciate and maybe even enjoy astronomy, physics, math, science and skiing… ;-) He completed his M.S. in physics and taught for six years at San Francisco State University. He continued his studies with upper division and graduate courses in observational astronomy and cosmology. He found a natural fit with the mission of the community college system. 

YouTube channels: Your Physics Coach; Your Astronomy Coach 

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ISBN 9781792430206

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