Employee Spotlight: Whitney Curtis

May 23, 2017

BY: Kendall Hunt

This month for our employee feature, we’re spotlighting one of our southerners, Whitney Curtis!

Hailing from Alabama, Whitney came to Kendall Hunt by way of a musical past and a life on stage! Currently serving as an Acquisitions Editor, she covers schools in Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle region.

Through her work, she travels throughout the region meeting with professors in many different content areas about their interest in publishing a product with Kendall Hunt. Once authors decide to publish, Whitney works to guide the author through the writing process!

As a people person, Whitney loves being able to work with such passionate people each and every day.

“Working with Kendall Hunt has truly proven to be the best job I've ever had. I enjoy many aspects of being an Acquisitions Editor such as traveling to more than 20 colleges and universities per year, and meeting some of the most passionate and innovative professors in the southeast, but most of all, I enjoy working together with the Kendall Hunt family of managers, production team members, and Higher Education Assistants.”

Before joining the Kendall Hunt family, Whitney was actually a middle school music teacher where she put her musical talents, including 21 years of piano, and a Music Education degree to good use! She is no stranger to the spotlight either. Whitney was an active competitor with the Miss America Organization through college.

Whitney was homeschooled all through high school and graduated from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL. In her free time, she loves spending time with her friends & boyfriend in Birmingham, AL. She also loves to spend time hiking, at the gym, and enjoying trivia nights! Staying true to her love of music, Whitney also devotes her time to teaching beginner piano to low-income elementary students on the weekends and sings with the Alabama Symphony Chorus.