Kendall Hunt Takes on Philadelphia for NCA 2016

December 13, 2016

BY: Kendall Hunt

This year’s annual trip to NCA meant loading up and heading to the home of the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Rocky himself. This November, the Kendall Hunt team took on the National Communication Association (NCA) convention where the Higher Education division displayed their products and services. The convention was spread out over four days with over 1,000 sessions including many by Kendall Hunt authors.

On Friday morning, our Lying and Deception in Human Interaction authors conducted a short course. This is a class that is out of the norm for many institutions. Mark Knapp, Matt McGlone, Darrin Griffin, and Billy Earnest gave a great explanation of how an instructor can make this class fit into their course offerings. They discussed what student expectations are and gave examples of what they’ve encountered in the years they’ve taught it.

“The authors fielded questions from prospects who are interested in offering the course at their schools,” said Angela Willenbring, Senior Developmental Coordinator.  “I was happy I could attend the presentation and I wish I could have taken the class when I was in college!”

In addition to this short course, other courses lead by Kendall Hunt authors included:

  • Davis-Lachlan: Straight Talk About Communication Research Methods
  • Curnalia-Ferris: Insight into Innovation and CSI: Writing a Literature Review in Communication Studies
  • Lapakko: Argumentation
  • McManus-Verni-Rouse: Event Planning

Each year, Kendall Hunt hosts a reception during the conference to celebrate the release of new titles within the communication discipline.

“A highlight for me was getting to spend quality face-time with our authors, learn about their plans for revisions and discuss new projects,” said Paul Carty, Director of Publishing Partnerships.  “The party is always a highlight for me.  It gives me a chance to publically thank people for being a part of our family.”

One common theme that was present among conversations with instructors at the conference surrounded the use of alternative products and eBooks.

“They [instructors] are unhappy with high priced printed books and are looking for an alternate product their students would actually use and read,” said Ray Wood, Assistant Vice President for Higher Education. “A common theme I hear from most educators is most students do not read anything anymore, they just want to know what they will be tested on.  I talked to many attendees about assessment and other ways to engage their students to read more.”

Throughout the conference, the Kendall Hunt team was able to enjoy conversations with potential adopters, authors and others in the communications field. Numerous Kendall Hunt authors presented on a variety of topics and other authors were given awards for their work.

Dr. Lou Tillson was awarded the Top Book Award for her title, Facing Your Fears: Speaking Up When You Really Feel Like Throwing Up! A Practical Guide to Becoming a More Confident and, Yes, Even Enthusiastic Speaker, from the Communication Apprehension and Competence Division of the National Communication Association.

If you would like to learn more about how you can publish your own communications product or adopt one of our many fantastic offerings, contact us today!