New Publication from George J. Searles

December 19, 2016

BY: Kendall Hunt

We are pleased to announce the release of a NEW publication by Mohawk Valley Community College professor George J. Searles.

College English: The Basics is compact and to the point, avoiding long-winded theory and needless repetition. Searles prides himself on his readable writing style. It is exceptionally clear, concise, and plainspoken. This text focuses primarily on the academic essay, discussing several main modes of essay development along with specialized applications such as essay exams, literary criticism, and research-based assignments. It is perfect for a first-year college writing course. As an added bonus, this text covers workplace writing as well, thus equipping students to write well beyond college graduation.

College English contains several pedagogical features that assist students in learning the material and applying it in and outside of the classroom. Included are:

  • Learning objectives in each chapter
  • Illustrative model documents
  • Targeted correction checklists
  • Realistic exercises
  • Two appendices: style tips and mechanics overview

For more information on this publication, click here.