About the Activities

These experiments are specifically designed to incorporate and strengthen inquiry thinking patterns, process skills (such as teamwork, experimental design, and data pooling), and reflection and application skills. The procedures are specifically built for students to get reliable data with appropriate facilitation. Each activity includes Pre- and Post-Experiment Questions along with the actual experimental method to be followed during a typical three-hour lab period. As with all POGIL materials, students should work in self-directed teams with the facilitator as a guide. The experiments may be used with or without a laboratory notebook and instructor materials include facilitation information and report form templates.


About the Authors

This group of POGIL activities, edited by Michael Garoutte, is the result of a collaborative project with a goal of creating guided inquiry laboratory experiences with relevant connections between the experiments and broader topics of student interest. The team, all experienced in using guided inquiry in class, lab, or both, and representing a wide range of institutions, included Ehren Bucholtz, Stacey Fiddler, Michael Garoutte, Tim Herzog, Ashley Mahoney, Rick Moog, Marty Perry, Craig Teague, Mary van Opstal, Gail Webster, and Rob Whitnell. Institutions in which the activities were tested include: Cornell College (IA), Franklin & Marshall College (PA), Guilford College (NC), Harper College (IL), Missouri Southern State University (MO), Portland Community College (OR), St. Louis College of Pharmacy (MO), and Weber State University (UT).


List of Laboratory Activities
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Is this molecule 3D? ISBN: 979-8-3851-1769-7
Why does the can implode? ISBN: 979-8-3851-1770-3
How do cold packs work? ISBN: 979-8-3851-1771-0
Do I need more iron in my diet? ISBN: 979-8-3851-1772-7
How pure is it? ISBN: 979-8-3851-1773-4
Can nonmetals be magnetic? ISBN: 979-8-3851-1774-1
Which one runs out first? ISBN: 979-8-3851-1776-5
Which salts dissolve? ISBN: 979-8-3851-1775-8
Will it sink or float? ISBN: 979-8-3851-1777-2
How slow does it flow? ISBN: 979-8-3851-1778-9
Do all titration curves look the same? ISBN: 979-8-3851-1779-6
Are we there yet? ISBN: 979-8-3851-1780-2
Why do we need to eat? ISBN: 979-8-3851-1781-9

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Sample Activity

Will It Sink or Float?

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