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Loving and Losing: A Grief Primer

Author(s): Marlette B. Reed, Annette M. Lane

Loving and Losing: A Grief Primer provides essential information for individuals helping those who are grieving. Helpers may be professionals, students within human service/health educational programs, or lay persons within faith communities. As this book is a primer, it is not meant to be comprehen...

Introduction to Contemporary Africa

Author(s): Anita Plummer, Msia Kibona Clark

Introduction to Contemporary Africa seeks to illuminate and clarify the profoundly diverse and complex dynamics impacting contemporary Africa and its communities. Using an interdisciplinary approach, we introduce students to Africa’s history, geography, culture, politics and economics. Nevertheless,...

Transformational Policing Model: Bridging the Racial Divide

Author(s): Tommy W. Tunson

New Third Edition Now Available!Transformational Policing Model: Bridging the Racial Divide is a contemporary 21st-century training strategy to assist police and community members in forming Positive Police–Community Partnerships (PPCP). Th e course objective is to narrate a transition from “Warrior...

Arts and Creatives Entrepreneurship: Using Passion and Skills to Create a Business with Income: Musicians, Vocalists, Artists and Communications

Author(s): RENATA ROY

Professor Renata Roy-Pinkney in her new textbook, Entrepreneurship in the Arts, has provided faculty an insight into her successful classroom integration of curriculum theory, the process of teaching  a body of knowledge required for students to understand the what and why of concepts, along with th...

Climate Change and the Design of the Built Environment

Author(s): Michael E. Gamble

In this series of dialogues with leaders from various disciplines, we position design as an essential component of entrepreneurial approaches which explore the sociocultural and eco-political dimensions of climate change.  Economist, Architects, Planners, Sociologist, Lawyers, Policy Makers, Landsca...

CLINIVRSE: CLINIcal Virtual Reality Simulated Education: Anxiety Driven Conflict Avoidance: Sessions 1-10

Author(s): Earl Grey, APRIL R. CRABLE

View the CliniVRSE Trailer!CliniVRSE is ASYNCHRONOUS virtual reality technology that develops learners' expansive command of their clinical skills & decision-making while providing them with live feedback.CliniVRSE: Fills the Gap in Asynchronous Skill DevelopmentHow do you teach learners to make cli...