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Author(s): Maximo R Salaberry, Celina Nevarez, Catherine Barrette, Marisol Fernandez-Garcia

A culture-based, critical-thinking approach to learning and using Spanish in context. Conectándonos is a culture-based first year textbook that focuses on the analysis of language in its cultural context. By combining a textbook and website, Conectándonos engages students from the very beginning ...

Spanish for Spanish Speakers

Author(s): Araceli Osorio

Spanish for Spanish Speakers fuses a text and online course package that immerses students into the language and culture of different Spanish speaking countries in interesting, exciting, and comprehensive ways to help them improve and expand their language skills, and apply them to a great variety o...

Conectandonos: A Customized Version for the University of Texas-Austin


Conectandonos 3e is a culture-based first-year textbook. Itfocuses on the analysis of language in its cultural context to develop students' communicative proficiency of Spanish as a second language and students' academic skills (critical thinking).presents learners with themes and topics that lead t...

The Lion's Storyteller: An Introduction to Pan-African Folktales

Author(s): Tarik Richardson

"Until the Lion has his own storyteller, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter". The Lion's Storyteller offers a culturally grounded investigation into the African folkloric tradition. This text introduces readers to the tradition of African folklore, manifested in communities on the ...

Por mi mism@

Author(s): Mina Ogando Lavin, Melissa D Murphy, Delia Montesinos

Por mí mism@ was designed for students of advanced intermediate Spanish. The content areas were selected to raise the learners' proficiency to a level that will enable them to successfully transition to advanced grammar and writing courses. We have integrated several pedagogical approaches, but o...

Paso por Paso

Author(s): SUSAN LEE

Paso por Paso is designed to introduce the Spanish language to both elementary and advanced learners. The text provides an introduction to both beginning and advanced vocabulary and grammar, as well as important ‘cultural moments’ that help readers to better understand the culture in Spanish speakin...