Anthropology of Indigenous Religions

Author(s): Arnaud Lambert

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2020


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The second edition of the Anthropology of Indigenous religions continues to offer a novel introduction to the ways that anthropologists investigate indigenous religions. The anthropological approach to the study of religion can be viewed as a series of exchanges and debates spanning almost two centuries regarding the nature of religions and its place in human life. This book invites readers to take part in these ongoing conversations while exploring the main elements of the religious life in small-scale societies around the world.

New features of the second edition include:

  • Greater emphasis on both classic and modern anthropological approaches to animism, shamanism, totemism, magic, and witchcraft
  • Additional topics such as astrology, healers and magical medicine, merit and karma
  • Revised and expanded treatments of ancestor veneration, soul beliefs, high gods, cosmology, eschatology, religious symbolism, religious objects, shamanism, and magic among others
  • New charts and graphics to help readers better understand different religious concepts and their anthropological interpretations
  • New and revised learning activities to help readers engage with the material in the book
  • Guides to recommended readings for each topic
  • References to the companion volume, indigenous religions of the world (Lambert 2019), to help readers interpret the ethnographic data presented in that book.

Also includes KHQ, a study app that provides students with a variety of study tools that are customized to their course.


INTRODUCTION An Anthropological Approach to Indigenous Religions

CHAPTER 1 Indigenous Ontologies
TOPIC 1.1 Supernature: The Unity of the Natural and Supernatural Worlds
TOPIC 1.2 Animism, Part 1: The World of Spirits
TOPIC 1.3 Animism, Part 2: Soul Beliefs and Personhood
TOPIC 1.4 Animatism: Spiritual Power
TOPIC 1.5 Fetishism and the Secret Life of Things
TOPIC 1.6 Ancestral Spirits and Ancestor Veneration
TOPIC 1.7 Totemism
TOPIC 1.8 Polytheism
TOPIC 1.9 High Gods

CHAPTER 2 Indigenous Mythologies and Symbolisms
TOPIC 2.1 Myths and Myth-Making
TOPIC 2.2 Cosmogony: Myths of Creation
TOPIC 2.3 Cosmology: The Shape and Nature of the Universe
TOPIC 2.4 Eschatology: The Afterlife
TOPIC 2.5 Sacred Places and Ritual Landscapes
TOPIC 2.6 Religious Symbols
TOPIC 2.7 Religious Objects and Ritual Paraphernalia

CHAPTER 3 Indigenous Moralities and Etiologies
TOPIC 3.1 Taboos and Transgression
TOPIC 3.2 Sin and Atonement
TOPIC 3.3 Karma and Merit
TOPIC 3.4 “Supernatural” Assault Traditions
TOPIC 3.5 Possession and Exorcism
TOPIC 3.6 Dark Shamanism and Sorcery
TOPIC 3.7 Witchcraft and the Evil Eye

CHAPTER 4 Indigenous Religious Specialists
TOPIC 4.1 Shamanism and Altered States of Consciousness
TOPIC 4.2 Healers and Magical Medicine
TOPIC 4.3 Divination and Diviners
TOPIC 4.4 Priests and Priestesses
TOPIC 4.5 Prophets and Prophecy
TOPIC 4.6 Spirit Mediums and Spiritism

CHAPTER 5 Indigenous Rituals and Ceremonies
TOPIC 5.1 The Nature of Ritual
TOPIC 5.2 Rites of Passage
TOPIC 5.3 Initiations and Gender Rituals
TOPIC 5.4 Mortuary Rituals
TOPIC 5.5 The Sacred Journey: Pilgrimage
TOPIC 5.6 Prayer
TOPIC 5.7 Sacrifice
TOPIC 5.8 Magic

CHAPTER 6 Globalization and Indigenous Religions
TOPIC 6.1 Indigenous Religions in Global Context
TOPIC 6.2 Syncretism
TOPIC 6.3 Revitalization Movements
TOPIC 6.4 New Religious Movements

AFTERWORD Some Concluding Remarks
Appendix 1 - Ethnographic Atlas
Appendix 2 - An Example of the Structural Study of Myth

Arnaud Lambert

Arnaud F. Lambert (BA, University of Rhode Island, 1996; MA, University of Iowa, 1999; PhD, Brandeis University, 2011) is professor of anthropology at Onondaga Community College where he has taught since 2007. Although his graduate training was primarily in cultural anthropology and archaeology, Professor Lambert has maintained a strong commitment to the four sub-fields of general anthropology throughout his career. Before coming to Onondaga, he taught courses in anthropology and sociology at a number of community colleges and universities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Professor Lambert has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in the United States and archaeological fieldwork in both Mexico (2005) and Guatemala (2009). His general interests include the anthropology of religion, ancient writing systems, material culture studies, the origins of complex societies, rock art research, and Mesoamerican (particularly Olmec) studies. His research has appeared in international peer-reviewed journals such as Mexicon, Expression, Rock Art Research, American Indian Rock Art, and Adoranten among others.

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