Curandero: Traditional Healers of Mexico and the Southwest (Spanish)

Author(s): Eliseo Torres, Imanol Miranda

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2020

Pages: 98


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Curandero Traditional Healers of Mexico and the Southwest is a collection of chapters corresponding to four groups of healers: Curanderos(as) of Yesterday, Recent Times, Nowadays, and Tomorrow. Each chapter addresses curanderismo’s history and revival with photo narratives and biographies of traditional healers who continue to leave an impact in their communities and practices.

Curandero is divided into 5 main parts:

  1. Overview of Curanderismo provides a brief history of curanderismo and how it has been revived in modern times.
  2. Curanderos(as) of Yesteryear: The Three Great Ones narrates the stories and lives of those who practiced curanderismo in the 1800s.
  3. Curanderos(as) of Recent Times: Impacting the United States and Mexico is an overview of healers that have passed away recently and left an important legacy through their influences in Mexico and the United States.
  4. Curanderos(as) of Nowadays: Creating a New Traditional Healing Model introduces you to current traditional healers that have established clinics and incorporated traditional healing methods in Mexico and the United States.
  5. Curanderos(as) of Tomorrow provides a glimpse of what the future holds for curanderismo through photo narratives of how up and coming professionals incorporate healing modalities in their current medical professions.

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1 Una introducción al curanderismo

2 Curanderos y curanderas del ayer: los tres grandes

3 Curanderos y curanderas de tiempos recientes: Su impacto en México y los Estados Unidos

4 Curanderos y curanderas de la actualidad: Creando un nuevo modelo de medicina tradicional

5 Curanderos y curanderas del mañana

6 Conclusión

Eliseo Torres

Eliseo “Cheo” Torres began studying curanderismo, the art of traditional medicine, when he visited Espinazo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico with his mentor, Dr. Stanley Bittinger in the 1980s, and was fascinated with the Fidencista curandero festival. Soon after this experience, he met his teacher, Chenchito, and began studying the famous curandero, el Niño Fidencio. Since then, he has written several publications and books on the topic and has taught a number of courses on traditional medicine. His latest books on his life in traditional medicine and his research on the subject area are: Curandero: A Life in Mexican Folk Healing (2005) and Healing with Herbs and Rituals: A Mexican Tradition (2006). He also teaches a two-week course and an online class on the topic of curanderismo. His most recent courses are now offered online and this publication can be used to supplement these courses or be enjoyed by  individuals who are not in the course.

Imanol Miranda

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ISBN 9781792407871

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