Cybersecurity: Bridging the Gap Between Technician & Management

Author(s): James Phelps, Ervin Frenzel

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

Pages: 242


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The ability to comprehend the language involved in this new and evolving cyber world is essential now more than ever.

Cybersecurity: Bridging the Gap Between Technician & Management:

  • Provides a dictionary of computer terminology.
  • Delivers a synopsis of what we actually use computers to do.
  • Gives an outline of using computers in series and parallel to increase power and resources.
  • Highlights how our vulnerabilities increase when power and capability rise.
  • Reviews the most dangerous component of the cyber world – people.

Cybersecurity: Bridging the Gap Between Technician & Management was written for 2 reasons:

  1. It provides an understanding of security needs in agencies, corporations, and homes.
  2. It provides management with the language skills to communicate effectively with their IT technician(s).

1.      Introduction to Information Security: The Need for Security

2.      Building a Common Lexicon: Understanding Security and Computers

3.      Letting Someone Peek Inside Your Drawers: Understanding Files and their Issues

4.      Cybercrime: The Reason for Encryption

5.      Introduction to Encryption

6.      Networks:  Computers working with Computers

7.      Protecting Computer Enterprises

8.      Examining Vulnerability: The Problem with Internet Providers and Email

9.      The World Wide Web: Public, Dark, and Tor

10.  The Human Side of Cybersecurity

11.  The Government

12.  “Honey, Did You Lock the Internet?

James Phelps

James Phelps, Ph.D., received his doctorate in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University (2008).  He is a graduate of FEMA’s National Emergency Management Advanced (and Basic) Academies; the U.S. Navy’s Radiological Controls Officer and Nuclear Planners schools in Charleston, South Carolina.  He has taught history for the NCPACE Afloat program taking college classes to sailors deployed at sea, often in dangerous locals.  James developed the graduate and undergraduate online degrees at Angelo State University, and was the majority contributor to their graduate program in Criminal Justice, all top-10 ranked nationally in their fields of study.  He teaches cybersecurity online for NOVA Southeastern’s Department of Emergency Management graduate program as well as many other courses across the world.  Most importantly, he is the primary mover and developer of the first Security and Strategic Studies Doctorate program offered in the Middle East, at American University in the Emirates, in Dubai, UAE.  Dr. Phelps is a 100% disabled veteran currently living and working from his home in the Colorado Rocky Mountains where he conducts research, writes, and occasionally teaches as he feeds hummingbirds and enjoys nature’s beauty.

Ervin Frenzel

Ervin Frenzel, MISM, received his Master’s Degree from University of Phoenix online as well is pursuing a DOM/IST.  He holds multiple IT and Management certifications including the CISSP, HCISPP, ECSA, CEH, CIH, A+, Network +, Security +, HIT, Cloud Essentials, and MCITP.  Ervin spent almost 10 years in the intelligence field for the U.S. Army, where he developed a love of working with people and technology and combining the two.  He initially designed the Networking/Cybersecurity Program (A.A.S.) for Amarillo College.   He teaches online security courses for both Amarillo College (Amarillo, Texas) and North Central Texas College (Corinth, TX campus).  He currently works full time as a networking and security administrator for a major U.S. city and continues to study, write, and teach online courses.

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ISBN 9781524921965

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