Drugs and Drug Trafficking

Author(s): Peter Johnstone

Edition: 4

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 190

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Drugs and Drug Trafficking is a practical informed approach towards a complex topic that will provide a framework for further, stimulating and vigorous classroom discussion. It has been updated with more recent reports than the previous editions.

Drugs and Drug Trafficking:

  • Is effective! Everything within this book can be covered in one semester, and students have found it to be effective, even entertaining.
  • Is up to date! It includes the 2014 UNODC report and relevant examples.


Chapter 1: A Brief History of Drugs

Chapter 2: Drug Law and Medical Opinion

Chapter 3: Drug Trade Countries

Chapter 4: Drug Trafficking Organizations

Chapter 5: Drugs and Crime

Chapter 6: Global Enforcement Responses

Chapter 7: Future Trends

Peter Johnstone

Dr. Peter Johnstone is Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of North Texas and Scholar-in-Residence at the Caruth Police Institute, Dallas. He holds a doctorate in law, an L.L.M. in international criminal law, and an M.A. in history. Peter has worked in universities in the United Kingdom and the United States as a professor and senior administrator. He has published numerous articles and is author of twelve books.

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ISBN 9781524959623

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