Educational Psychology for Effective Teaching

Author(s): Kenneth T Henson, Ben F Eller

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2012


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This motivational text not only offers an unparalleled combination of theory and application, but it also shows your students that exceptional teachers are proactive teachers. In every chapter, students learn how to plan ahead and prepare for classroom decisions they will have to make.

Educational Psychology emphasizes proactive preparation for teaching, recommending teachers and other school professionals plan for academic presentation, student diversity and potentially difficult academic and social situations.  

Authors and educational psychologists, Kenneth Henson and Ben Eller, have written this textbook as a lucid presentation of the value and importance of educational psychology in the school environment; a contemporary presentation of research in educational psychology; and an enjoyable, readable text. By facilitating understanding of students’ cognitive, academic and social behavior, educational psychology provides aspiring teachers the ability to analyze situations and make appropriate choices.


  • Each chapter includes contributions and advice of professors, school professional, and teachers who have been honored as “Teachers of the Year” throughout the country.
  • An engaging case study is woven throughout the book showing significant experiences relevant to each chapter.
  • Innovative exercises for each chapter to explore ideas in greater depth.
  • Real-life situations with examples of proactive solutions to a variety of classroom problems.
  • Current tips for using software and other technology in the classroom.


Full Table of Contents

Brief Table of Contents


Ch. 1  How Educational Psychology Helps Teachers and Students

Part One: How Students Develop

Ch. 2  Cognitive and Language Development
Ch. 3  Emotional, Social, and Moral Development

Part Two: How Student Differences Affect Teaching

Ch. 4  Cultural Diversity in the School Environment
Ch. 5  Exceptional Students: Teaching Learners with Special Needs


Part Three: The Major Learning Theories and How They Are Used in Teaching

Ch. 6  Behavioral and Social Learning: Theories and Applications
Ch. 7  Introduction to Cognitive Views of Learning
Ch. 8  Cognitive Learning Strategies Applied to Learning

Part Four: Instructional Methods for Effective Teaching

Ch. 9  Learning and Instructional Tactics
Ch. 10 Problem Solving, Creativity, and Constructivism

Part Five: Motivating Students and Managing the Classroom Environment

Ch. 11  Motivating Students and Managing the Classroom Environment
Ch. 12  Classroom Management

Part Six: Grading and Assessing Student Performance

Ch. 13  Using Statistics and Evaluation in the Classroom
Ch. 14  Tests and Other Assessment Instruments

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Kenneth T Henson

Ben F Eller

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