Engineering Ethics for a Sustainable Future-Preliminary Edition

Author(s): Kory P. Schaff, Tonatiuh Rodriguez-Nikl

Edition: 0

Copyright: 2022

Pages: 199

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In Engineering Ethics for a Sustainable Future, faculty, students, and professionals alike will find an accessible and comprehensive approach to the study of ethics in engineering, computer sciences, technology, and environmental studies, emphasizing inclusion and equity in theory and practice and providing updated case studies focusing on engineering, sustainability, and technology in the global context.

Part I – Ethical Engineering  

Chapter 1: Engineering, Technology, and Ethical Imperatives  

1.1 What Is Engineering? 

1.2 Features of Engineering Practice 

1.3 Global and Local Ethics in Engineering 

1.4 Overview of the Book 

Chapter 2: Ethical Theory 

2.1 What Is Ethics? 

2.2 Why Study Ethical Theory? 

2.3 Objections to Ethics: Relativism, Subjectivism, and Egoism 

2.4 Virtue Ethics 

2.5 Duty Ethics 

2.6 Consequentialist Ethics  

2.7 Care Ethics 

2.8 Justice and Equality  

2.9 Inequalities of Race, Gender, and Disability 

Chapter 3: Professional Ethics in the Workplace 

3.1 Professions and Professionalism 

3.2 Codes of Ethics 

3.3 Professional Virtues

3.4 Professional Rights and Duties  

3.5 Employment Rights  

3.6 Employment Duties: Confidentiality, Conflicts of Interest, and Whistleblowing 

3.7 Research Ethics 

Part II – Toward a Sustainable Future 

Chapter 4: Risk and Safety 

4.1 Assessing Risk  

4.2 Managing Risk 

4.3 Human Factors in Accidents 

4.4 Ethical Challenges Related to Risk and Safety

Chapter 5: Sustainability.

5.1 Frameworks of Sustainability  

5.2 Moral Perspectives on Nature: Religion, Humanism, and Biocentrism  

5.3 The Product Life Cycle 

5.4 Discounting the Future  

5.5 Disasters and Climate Change 

5.6 Consumption Ethics 

Chapter 6: The Future of Technology  

6.1 Engineering, Technology, and Progress  

6.2 Human Values and the Question of Technology 

6.3 The Right to Repair Movement  

6.4 Pegasus Spyware, Privacy Rights, and Political Repression 


Appendix A 


Kory P. Schaff

Dr. Kory P. Schaff is Faculty Lecturer of applied ethics in the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology at California State University, Los Angeles. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from University of California, San Diego, and specializes in normative and applied ethics with a particular focus on ethics and economics in the areas of work, technology, and sustainability. Schaff is the editor of Philosophy and the Problems of Work (2001), Fair Work: Ethics, Social Policy, Globalization (2017), and co-editor of Debating a “Post-Work” Future (Routledge, 2022).

Tonatiuh Rodriguez-Nikl

Dr. Tonatiuh Rodriguez-Nikl is Professor of Civil Engineering at California State University, Los Angeles. He received his Ph.D. in structural engineering from University of California, San Diego. His disciplinary work is in earthquake- and blast-resistant structures. His broader interests are in systems thinking, resilient and sustainable communities and infrastructure, and engineering philosophy. He is Chair of the Engineering Philosophy Committee of the Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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ISBN 9781792494376

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