Essential Staff Training Activities

Author(s): James Cain, David Knobbe, Clare Marie Hannon

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2009

Pages: 206


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This book is a perfect resource for anyone that needs to effectively prepare and train their staff. These activities reinforce basic components of your staff training with subject matter ranging from leadership and teamwork to character, decision making, creative problem solving, communication and trust. No matter what type of staff training you plan to deliver, you can make it more engaging and effective by using the activities in this book.

Essential Staff Training Activities includes more than fifty outstanding activities that cover a wide-range of staff training topics, including: ice breakers, leadership, trust, creative problem solving, building consensus, character, adapting to change, communication, teamwork, setting goals, decision making, conflict resolution, navigating the stages of group development, engagement, unity, community and connection!

Foreword by Michael Brandwein
Introduction by Jim Cain

Chapter 1
How to Make Your Staff Training Active, Engaging, Memorable, Effective, and Fun!

Chapter 2
Planning and Making the Most of Essential Staff Training Activities

Chapter 3
The Top Ten Staff Training Activities—The Best of the Best

Chapter 4
Thirty More Staff Training Activities

Chapter 5
Ten Activities to Help Your Staff Navigate the Five Stages of Group Development

Chapter 6
Creative Presentation Techniques

Chapter 7
Ready-to-Copy Pages

Chapter 8
References and Resources

A Note of Thanks
About the Authors

James Cain

Dr. Jim Cain is the author of seventeen texts filled with powerful team and community-building activities from around the world, including Teamwork & Teamplay (which won the Karl Rohnke Creativity Award presented by the Association for Experiential Education [AEE]), A Teachable Moment, Teambuilding Puzzles, The Book of Raccoon Circles (now available in Japanese and Chinese), Essential Staff  Training Activities, The Big Book of Low Cost Training Games, Find Something To Do, Rope Games, Teamwork & Teamplay Training Cards (now available in a Chinese/English version), The Teamwork & Teamplay International Edition (featuring fifty-one activities translated into sixteen different languages in the same book!), 100 Activities That Build Unity, Community & Connection, Team Activities That Promote Learning, More Team Activities That Promote Learning and Teambuilding with Index Cards.

His train-the-trainer workshops are legendary in the adventure-based learning world and have taken him to all fi fty states and thirty-two countries (so far). He is the innovator of over 100 teambuilding activities used by corporations, colleges, camps, conferences and communities. But mostly, Jim likes to share his unique collection of team challenges, games, puzzles, training techniques and community building activities with audiences of all kinds, all over the world. Jim is also the creative mind behind his active training company Teamwork & Teamplay, which provides staff  trainings, facilitation, teambuilding equipment, debriefing tools, curriculum development, reference books, conference workshops, keynote and playnote presentations, and teambuilding consulting services.

For more information or to invite Dr. Jim Cain to your next event, visit the Teamwork & Teamplay website at or contact Jim Cain at (585) 637-0328.

David Knobbe

David Knobbe is the Executive Director of the C5 Youth Foundation of Austin, Texas. He has held leadership positions with youth development agencies including Wyman Center in St. Louis and the Camp Coca-Cola Foundation in Atlanta for the past 18 years. Dave loves the challenges of curriculum development and staff training but still misses the old days of leading caving, hiking and river trips.

Clare Marie Hannon

Clare Marie Hannon is the Senior Director for Outdoor Programs for the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, has served as the Director of Professional Development for the C5 Youth Foundation, and the Center Director and Youth Development Specialist for North Carolina State University's 4-H program. She is founder of TLC Training Resources and developed the Let's Lead youth leadership curriculum and serves as a program facilitator and trainer. She has facilitated organizational development and staff training for hundreds of organizations and Corporations on three continents.

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ISBN 9781465236876

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