Foundations of a Biblical Worldview

Author(s): Kevin Rawls, Kristen Hark, Brandon Aronson

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2022


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Foundations of a Biblical Worldview serves as an introductory text to the topic of worldview and how worldview can be interpreted in light of the Bible. By drawing on a philosophical model that identifies the various constructs that form any worldview, this text describes the ways in which the Biblical worldview not only provides answers to the ultimate questions of meaning and purpose, but how the Biblical worldview compares to other worldviews in answering those questions. This text is meant to work closely with the Biblical Worldview Indicator (BWVI) and allows individuals or groups to begin a journey towards exploring their own beliefs and values.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Biblical Worldview
What Is a Worldview?
Why Study Worldview?
What All Is Included in a Worldview?
The Fundamental Components
The Worldview Constructs
The Biblical Approach to Addressing the Questions
The Model of the BWVI
Measuring Progress
Worldview Comparison

Chapter 2 Ontology
What Is Ontology?
What Does This Mean For My Life?
What Does the Bible Have to Say About This?
What Are the Possible Models of Ontology? 
How Is It Factored into the BWVI?

Chapter 3 Cosmology
What Is Cosmology?
What Are the Possible Models of Cosmology?
Theological Origin Stories
The Origin Story of Naturalism or Materialism
Intelligent Design
What Does the Bible Say About the Origin Story?
How Is It Factored into the BWVI?
What Does This Mean for My Life?

Chapter 4 Eschatology
What Is Eschatology?
Assumptions about Eschatology
What Are Possible Models of Eschatology?
A Biblical View of Eschatology
How Is It Factored into the BWVI?
What Does this Mean for My Life?

Chapter 5 Axiology
Introduction: What Is Axiology?
What Does this Mean for My Life?
The Power of Story
What Are the Possible Models or Theories of Axiology?
Values for a Biblical Worldview
What Does this Look Like in Our Lives?
How Is Axiology Factored into the BWVI? (What are the aspects of the bible that are relevant? Ten Commandments, life of Jesus, book of James.)

Chapter 6 Praxeology: A Theory of Action
Introduction: What Is Praxeology?
Theoretical Foundations
Theory of Planned Behavior and Theory of Reasoned Action
Kohlberg and Cognitive Moral Development
Rest’s Four-Component Model
How Is this Integrated into the BWVI?
How Does a Biblical Worldview Approach Praxeology?
Doctrine of Vocation in Action 
Free Will
Why Does the Study of Decision Making Matter?

Chapter 7 Epistemology
What Is Epistemology?
What Does this Mean for My Life?
Scientific Method/Logic/Reason/Facts
What Are the Possible Models of Epistemology?
What Does the Bible Have to Say About This?
General Revelation
Special Revelation
How Is It Factored into the BWVI?

Chapter 8 Conclusion
Personal Value
Apologetic Value
Further Study

Kevin Rawls

Dr. Rawls works with the conviction that the foundations of our worldview form our values, and those values, when lived out with courage and a heart for others, can positively impact the lives of people all over the world. As a researcher and author, Dr. Rawls brings various disciplines together such as worldview, social entrepreneurship, and communication, and works to identify the underlying values and philosophical structures that inform our approach to these studies. Dr. Rawls holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration, an Executive Certificate in Communication, an MBA, and a MA in Religion. He is an Online Dean at Liberty University.

Kristen Hark

Dr. Kristen Hark is an Assistant Professor of Corporate Communication at Penn State Lehigh Valley. She has worked with and studied communication for over 20 years and talked with people for even longer. All that communication led her to understand that the heart of communication, whether strategic, philosophical, interpersonal, or digital, relies on the understanding of bias so that we can week and engage people with differing, and at times competing, worldviews. Through years of teaching, speaking, and researching, Dr. Hark has become increasingly motivated to reach people three things: that “it’s not the critic who counts,” that the process should never be wasted, and that healthy, interdisciplinary communication can make an incredible difference.

Why this specific research project? Because Dr. Hark believes that well-supported ideas inform constructive dialogue and that theory IS practical and that both the academy and marketplace are better for it.

Dr. Hark is dedicated to the belief that we can be, and should be, life-long learners; that there is a process to learning well, and it begins with a commitment to well-supported ideas. 

Brandon Aronson

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