KHQ for Research Across the Disciplines: An Introduction

Author(s): Kristen Hark

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2018

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Kristen Hark

Dr. Kristen Hark is an Assistant Professor of Corporate Communication at Penn State Lehigh Valley. She has worked with and studied communication for over 20 years and talked with people for even longer. All that communication led her to understand that the heart of communication, whether strategic, philosophical, interpersonal, or digital, relies on the understanding of bias so that we can week and engage people with differing, and at times competing, worldviews. Through years of teaching, speaking, and researching, Dr. Hark has become increasingly motivated to reach people three things: that “it’s not the critic who counts,” that the process should never be wasted, and that healthy, interdisciplinary communication can make an incredible difference.

Why this specific research project? Because Dr. Hark believes that well-supported ideas inform constructive dialogue and that theory IS practical and that both the academy and marketplace are better for it.

Dr. Hark is dedicated to the belief that we can be, and should be, life-long learners; that there is a process to learning well, and it begins with a commitment to well-supported ideas. 

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ISBN 9781524972868

Details KHQ 180 days