Leadership in Academic Health Centers: Core Concepts and Critical Cases

Author(s): Ralph A. Gigliotti, Christine Goldthwaite

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Leadership in Academic Health Centers: Core Concepts and Critical Cases introduces current and aspiring academic leaders to key dimensions of effective leadership in an academic health context. Drawing upon critical incidents derived from the experiences of academic health leaders, the cases and concepts presented in this book will explore connections to the leadership, communication, and higher education/academic health literatures and encourage readers to apply the content to their experience of leading in a challenging and complex environment.

Ralph A. Gigliotti

Ralph A. Gigliotti (PhD, Rutgers University) is Assistant Director for Leadership Programs of the Center for Organizational Development & Leadership at Rutgers University, where he oversees a number of faculty and staff leadership development initiatives and leads several research projects related to leadership and communication in higher education. He serves as the co-director of the Rutgers Leadership Academy, co-director of the Distinction in Leadership in Academic Healthcare Program, and part-time lecturer in the Department of Communication. His research explores the intersection of organizational communication, leadership, and crisis communication, particularly in the context of higher education. Ralph’s research appears in numerous books and journals, including the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, Journal of Leadership Education, and Atlantic Journal of Communication. Ralph is also the co-author of A Guide for Leaders in Higher Education: Core Concepts, Competencies, and Tools (with B. Ruben and R. De Lisi).

Christine Goldthwaite

Christine Goldthwaite (MCIS, Rutgers University) is a Doctoral Candidate in the School of Communication & Information (SC&I) at Rutgers University studying organizational and mediated communication. She was a 2012–2014 fellow in the PreDoctoral Leadership Development Institute (PLDI), and currently
serves as the graduate coordinator for leadership programs at the Rutgers Center for Organizational Development and Leadership. She is also an adjunct professor at Rutgers where she teaches leadership in digital contexts for the Digital Communication, Information, and Media Minor (DCIM) program. Her primary research interests include communication design relative to creative and innovative activities and is currently working on her dissertation investigating organizing for interdisciplinary research. Christine has presented at state and international conferences such as the New Jersey Communication Association, the National Association of Communication, and the International Communication Association annual conferences, as well as the Organizational Communication Mini-Conference. Before beginning her career in academia, Christine worked in advertising and business-to-business communications.

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