Managing Campus Safety and Security in Higher Education

Author(s): J. Eric Coleman, Peter Johnstone

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2014

Pages: 150


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The tragedies that have occurred on college campuses across the nation have been increasing the last decade.

Taking this into consideration, Managing Campus Safety and Security in Higher Education provides a commentary from some of the leading campus public safety experts in hopes to promote a better understanding of the threats to campus security and how to stop them.

Managing Campus Safety and Security in Higher Education was written mainly for graduate students, but also for senior administrators, parents, students, and security personnel alike.

Available in Print and eBook editions, Managing Campus Safety and Security in Higher Education:

  • Was written by 11 contributing authors with a wide variety of expertise in the field of campus security 
  • Promotes greater understanding of the dangers being faced on college campuses everywhere. 
  • Hopes to inspire meaningful discussions on the topic and provide for safer campuses everywhere. 


Part 1: Understanding Campus police and Safety

Chapter 1: The Emergence of Campus Police and Security in the United States

Chapter 2: Major Campus Incidents Driving Change and Modernization

Chapter 3: The Impact of Title IX and the Clery Act on Campus Safety         

Part 2: Nature and Score of Campus Crime

Chapter 4: Confronting the Unimaginable

Chapter 5: Guns on College Campuses

Chapter 6: Mental Health and Campus Public Safety

Part 3: Managing and Preventing Campus Crime and Crisis

Chapter 7: Developing an Effective Emergency Management Program

Chapter 8: Critical Interagency Collaborations and Response Capacity

Chapter 9: Safety and Security Considerations for Campus Events

Part IV: Campus Safety Challenges

Chapter 10: Communications and Media Skills: Core Assets not Add-ons

Chapter 11: Future Trends: The National Center for Campus Public Safety

J. Eric Coleman

Peter Johnstone

Dr. Peter Johnstone is Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of North Texas and Scholar-in-Residence at the Caruth Police Institute, Dallas. He holds a doctorate in law, an L.L.M. in international criminal law, and an M.A. in history. Peter has worked in universities in the United Kingdom and the United States as a professor and senior administrator. He has published numerous articles and is author of twelve books.

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ISBN 9781465260116

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