Medical Ethics: A Case Consult Approach

Author(s): Courtland Lewis, Timothy Dick

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2019


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Medical Ethics: The 16 Week Consult is designed to dispel the myth that it is intolerant and rude to criticize others moral positions and actions, and it will achieve its goal by carefully teaching students how to critically analyze moral reasoning, especially how it relates to common cases that arise during the practice of medicine.
Each chapter presents a topic in medical ethics, provides opportunities and exercises that promote critical reflection on each particular topic or issue, and then gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a way that can be shared with instructors, the class, or both. As a result, both students and instructors can accurately determine what areas of study are deficient and in need of further work and clarification. The workbook also provides a template for classroom discussion, fostered by students’ completed work, which if uncompleted provides a means by which to evaluate the student.

I. Why a Workbook?
II. Practice: The Case Consult
III. Methodology and Overview
IV. Time to Begin
V. Case Consult: Hard Decisions
Chapter 1
Reasoning, Arguments, and Ethics
I. Language and Arguments
II. Moral Arguments
III. Principles and Virtues
IV. Common Argumentative Forms
V. Fallacies: Errors in Reasoning
VI. Other Advice
VII. Case Consult: Refusal of Treatment
Chapter 2
Health, Illness, and Disease
I. Understanding Health
II. Defining Health
III. Health Disparities
IV. Case Consult: Disasters and Health
Chapter 3
Healthcare Professional–Patient Relationship
I. Hippocratic Oath
II. American Medical Association’s Code of Ethics
III. Models of the Healthcare Professional–Patient Relationship
IV. Cases
iv Contents
V. End(s) of Medicine
VI. Case Consult: Fighting for Your Patient
Chapter 4
Rationality, Autonomy, Mental Illness, and Commitment
I. Rationality
II. Autonomy and Responsibility
III. The Drawbridge Exercise
IV. Mental Disabilities and Competency
V. Case Consult: Mental Disease and Commitment
Chapter 5
Experimentation on Humans and Animals
I. The Process of Experimentation
II. Physician versus Researcher
III. Abuses of Human Experimentation
IV. Experimentation on Animals
V. Case Consult: Experimentation on Vulnerable Subjects .
Chapter 6
Genetics and Assisted Reproduction
I. Biomedical and Legal Contexts of Genetics
II. Genetic Testing
III. Genethics
IV. Assisted Reproduction and the Embryo
V. Eugenics and Cloning
VI. Working Argument
VII. Case Consult: The Punishment of Genetics
Chapter 7
Gestating Entities, Abortion, and Impaired Infants
I. The Ethics of Abortion
II. Terminology and the Gestational Process
III. Reasons for and against Abortion
IV. Rate That Abortion
V. Legal and Medical Issues Surrounding Abortion
VI. Methods of Abortion
VII. Abortion Phrases
Contents v
VIII. Abortion Arguments
IX. Impaired Infants
X. Ethical Concepts Relating to Impaired Infants
XI. Examining Cases of Impaired Infants
XII. Working Argument
XIII. Case Consult: The Hardest Choice for a Parent
Chapter 8
Euthanasia and Dying
I. Death: The Basics
II. Euthanasia: The Basics
III. Euthanasia: The Arguments
IV. Euthanasia as a Family Affair
V. Legal Euthanasia
VI. Nonterminal Euthanasia (Suicide?)
VII. Remaining Issues
VIII. Working Argument
IX. Case Consult: Choosing Futility
Chapter 9
I. Defining “Enhancement”
II. Treatments vs. Enhancements
III. Sports and Enhancements
IV. Case Consult: Enhancing Your Confidence
Chapter 10
Multiculturalism and Diversity
I. Racism and Bias
II. Race and Theory
III. Microaggressions
IV. Multiculturalism
V. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations
VI. Case Consult: Discrepancies in Pain
Glossary of Terms
Case Consult Forms

Courtland Lewis

Timothy Dick

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