Module 2: Assessment of Global Competencies

Author(s): Melanie Clarke

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2017

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The Global Leadership Online Program: the most powerful global leadership preparation that will enable you to be an outstanding influencer  who can excel in academic, non-profit, and corporate environments.

The International Assessment Test is designed for you to see where you rate on a six level scale of global leadership. After you take the online assessment, your score will be automatically sent to you. The highest level of the assessment is the “Sixth Level.”

To achieve your career goals and to enable you to acquire content and expertise, the next module you should complete is Module 3. This Module is the “online experience” that will be the final experience in the set. You may go back and retake Module 2 to see how your score has changed. Once you take the test, your score should be sent to you so you should know immediately where you stand.


Melanie Clarke

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ISBN 9781524921576

Details KHPContent 180 days