Moneymatics: Where Money and Mathematics Meet

Author(s): Bernard L Dillard

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2018

Pages: 250

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Moneymatics: Where Money and Mathematics Meet emanates from the sincere concern for the level of basic financial illiteracy among college students. It is discouraging that very few mechanisms are in place to educate today's college student about money management and its role in fostering a healthy spending and saving diet.

This textbook serves as a spark in the lives of college students and piques their interest to pursue an understanding of the presented concepts even more. Through a deliberate and joint effort, students can be equipped with the weapons they need to combine their love for money with their passion for mathematics or, Moneymatics.

Developing a Mathematically Based Course in Financial Literacy at the College Level
About the Author

Asset One: Algebra in a Flash: A Review
Linear Equations
1.2 Exponential Equations

Asset Two: Interest and Savings
The Notion of Interest
2.2 Simple Interest
2.3 Compound Interest
2.4 Continuous Compound Interest

Asset Three: Present Value of an Annuity
College Students and Credit Scores
3.2 Annuities Defined
3.3 Repaying Your Student Loans
3.4 Your First Car
3.5 Crunching the Credit Card Numbers
3.6 Financing a Home: The American Dream … Or Is It?
3.7 Equity in the Home-Ownership Equation

Asset Four: Future Value of an Annuity
Annuities Revisited
4.2 Never Too Young to Think About Retirement
4.3 Finding Time

Asset Five: Budgeting and Taxation
Needs vs. Wants
5.2 Obtaining Freedom Through Budgeting
5.3 Where Did My Dough Go?!
5.4 Understanding Your Tax Bracket: Federal and State Obligations
5.5 Punching Uncle Sam in the Gut!

Asset Six: Linear Regression
Simple Linear Regression
6.2 Multiple Linear Regression
6.3 Regression Analysis in Excel

Asset Seven: Stocks and Time Series
Stocks and Shares and Bears … Oh My!
7.2 Stocks as a Bridge to Retirement Wealth
7.3 Choosing a Stock to Invest In: A Look at One Strategy
7.4 Smoothing and Predicting Stocks with Time Series
7.5 Time Series Analysis in Excel​

Solutions to Odd-Numbered Student Exercises

Bernard L Dillard

Bernard L. Dillard is an associate professor of mathematics at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. He enjoys teaching a variety of courses, including Statistical Analysis, Data Analysis for Business Applications, and The Mathematics of Personal Finance. He is the coauthor of Elementary Statistics (4th edition), also published by Kendall Hunt. Away from mathematics, Bernard enjoys acting, modeling, traveling, and watching independent films.

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ISBN 9781524953881

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